Fanview Light: June 24, 2010

Alhambra is in Transition

T-Minus-76 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Afternoon!

Yeah, I’m rolling with the East in the Hall of Fame game.

The Isner-Mahut match at Wimbledon only seemed long, but it was really much shorter than a World Cup contest…which, by the way, also seem really, really, really long.

Sign Bad News Barker up as Walnut’s Aubrey Coleman’s number one fan.

“This kid is an Adonis,” says Barker.

Word is La Serna quarterback/tank Andrew Buenrostro…bid dude…has dropped some weight and looks improved from where he was a year ago. Good news for the Lancers because they are going to need help in the Jack Del Rio League…but the Lancer to keep an eye on might just be wide receiver/defensive back Connor Burke.

Have I mentioned the speculation about the injury to Arroyo’s Anthony Miller is quite done? Miller was one of the few Knights who looked solid on Tuesday.

I have to say, because it is all about The Mid, I’m a little disappointed with the 32 team field at the Bonita Air Assault this weekend. Only ten are coverage area (Mid-Valley & Southeast Division) schools… Still should be very interesting.

On this date in 1972 I was given my very first Bible, a red-bound King Jim…

I’m not saying Vai Peko was the equivalent of Anthony Brown, Freddy Colbert, Chris Grempel, or DuShine Smith…but his transfer to La Habra really hurts an Alhambra squad returning very few skill players. In fact the best player for the Moors might be offensive/defensive lineman Chris Salgado.

I don’t have a recent update but another key Moor is James Martin.

Its still early but people in the know are starting to get excited about Arcadia.

If you’re talking local Southeast, from here out to Bonita, things seem exciting and wide open. But the Suburban Meyer League is hovering on the other side of those hills like big bad debt readying to come due. La Mirada, Norwalk, Mayfair, they have the ability to grab up the whole scene.

Ten Best Los Angeles Lakers of All Time:

Magic Johnson: He could create his own shot, distribute, everything. And he made everyone around him better.

Kobe Bryant: Yes a competitor, yes a champion, but not anywhere near Magic in level of play or skills.

Jerry West: He’s the logo.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar: Hardly Mr. Personality, but without him they don’t win five rings in the 80’s.

Elgin Baylor: Years of service awarded.

Wilt Chamberlain: He’s Wilt and he consistently went against; Russell, Thurmond, Reed, Bellamy.

James Worthy: Money, but he wouldn’t be on this list without Magic.

Shaquille O’Neal: He’s a slug…I hate even having him here, but three rings sort of requires it. Who did he play against other than Olajuwon who owned him?

Gail Goodrich: Not only a great player but it was his departure to New Orleans that netted the Lakers the draft pick that became Magic Johnson.

Michael Cooper: Five titles, gave Larry Bird fits, could have left and become an all-star anywhere else in the NBA. Instead stayed to become sixth man, defensive stopper, back up point guard, off guard, and small forward. Number 21 should be hanging in the rafters.

Last Note Lakers: I’ll take an argument Derek Fisher, Byron Scott, or even Norm Nixon.

These are the guys the Los Angeles Lakers have taken with their first pick in the draft following championship seasons.

1972: Travis Grant, Kentucky State

1980: Wayne Robinson, Virginia Poly (2nd. Rd.)

1982: James Worthy, North Carolina

1985: A.C. Green, Oregon State

1987: Willie Glass, St. Johns (3rd Rd.)

1988: David Rivers, Notre Dame

2000: Mark Madsen, Stanford

2001: None

2002: Chris Jeffries, Fresno St.

2009: Toney Douglas, Florida St.

Outside of James and A.C., this list looks none too prosperous. No worries though, drafting in the NBA these days is like being a television news weatherman…you only have to be right one out of every three times.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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