Four Throw at Arroyo

Steven Rivera Ready to go

(El Monte) – Arroyo hosted a four way toss Thursday afternoon with Arcadia, West Covina and Gladstone joining them at B.L. Bergstrom Stadium. Just in case you’ve been in cave for the last couple of years, I’ll clue you in. Steven Rivera can throw the ball.

Rivera didn’t seem to miss on any of his throws as he fired short strikes, long outs, and home run bombs.

Arcadia’s Myles Carr, also a junior, looked good as well. Carr has a nice target in Taylor Lagace and when they put on the pads and run the ball, Rodney Arnett will be a nice option for the Apaches.

George Johnson, returning for his senior year, is behind center for West Covina and with B.J. Lee running the rock and catching passes out of the backfield, it could be a big year for the Bulldogs. Lee was all over the field making big plays for the WC. 

Andres “Peanut” Uribe was throwing most of the passes for Gladstone- small kid but a big upside.  

The WC will rely heavily on B.J. Lee this year

Arroyo honks don’t want to think about it but a back up quarterback is a necessity. And yes, Arroyo does have one. Eddie Federico, a big kid who also plays catcher on the baseball team, will be the guy if and when Rivera needs a blow or a bandage.  

Yes Anthony Miller was injured at one time. No, he’s not hurt now. Look for him to be out there catching passes for the Knights the entire year. I mean, it’s his senior year.

Arroyo tight end Sam “Red” Torres has bulked up.

“Yeah, he finally decided he wanted to hit the weights,” said Arroyo Coach Jim Singiser. “He’s definitely bigger.”

Contrary to popular belief Arroyo OC Chris MacMillan wasn’t lost in Las Vegas. “No, I made it back. It was 3:30 in the morning but I made it back.”

With Rivera throwing it, and Robert Thome, Miller and David Hernandez catching it, MacMillan’s offense will anything but lost.   

Junior QB Myles Carr will lead the Apaches

There’s reason for optimism at Arcadia. Besides Carr, Lagace and Arnett here’s a few more guys to consider for the Apaches in 2010- David Maldonado, Brian Ponce, Clarence Irvin, John Wong and A.J. Rail.

West Covina Coach Mike Maggiore was not with his squad. He was busy running practice for the East All-Star team that will suit up tomorrow night in the Hall of Fame game at Baldwin Park High School.

Arcadia Assistant Randy Backus, who is helping out Coach Keith Jones with the West squad, still managed to make it over to Arroyo. He likes what he sees so far in the Apaches.  

“It seemed like we were snake bit last year. A lot of things didn’t go our way,” Backus said “Like in the Burroughs game, we were ready to score and make it close and then suddenly a fumble and Burroughs takes it the other way. Things like that killed us. We have a lot of athletes back this year.”

Andres "Peanut" Uribe is slinging it for G-Stone

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