Fanview Lite: June 29, 2010

Former La Canada quarterback Rocky Moore, Citrus-bound, is one of those players we feel like we were just getting to know. The Mid would like to lobby for an optional fifth year of eligibility.

T-Minus-71 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Morning!

Getting ready for the Fantasy Football season…already fielding requests from folks wanting to join the Mid Valley League. Great come aboard…I like to give first timers an important piece of advice: Kickers go fast in our league…so draft a kicker with your first two picks…CHAMPIONSHIP!

Trust me.

Oh, I’ve always been a Casey Blake fan…

Baseball question to my friend Landestoy Luke; Did people write off Vlad Guerrero a little too early?

Answer to the question regarding Hall of Fame game… It’s the event not the game.

In fact I have to admit the game makes me a little bit sad…It’s the last time we’ll see most of the players… As they played I began thinking on how quick it all came and went.

Then again, I came and went pretty quick myself…I was gone at the start of the third quarter.

Anything happen in the second half?

Interesting seeing Monrovia’s Josh Lowden wearing Temple City Rams horns on his helmet…Then I was thinking he really shouldn’t have gotten those horns unless the West team won.

Became a Gus Viramontes fan midway through last season, I was just curious as to why he was one of the few players on the East roster that didn’t have a college designation next to his name in the program.

I want to lobby for a fifth year of eligibility. Still only four years of high school, but offer a fifth year of football after graduation. Let the option rest with the players, they can move on to college or comeback to their high school team for one more season. The coaches of course could be protected by not having to start or play them. The results would be a more mature player and better football. Also the player who really began to flower halfway through his senior season could be fully developed with the extra year instead of lost in the murk of junior college ball.

Did anyone see Chino Hills at the Bonita Tourney this weekend? Before every game they would get in a circle and jump saying: “Chino Hills will never give up” about fifteen times, then spread out and a guy in the center would do a back flip and then they’d come together for a break.

Had this back and forth with San Dimas Saint Theo Darlington:

The Mid: What is it like going into the summer as defending champion?

Darlington: Excited to show everyone that we intend to keep our champion status, but anxious knowing that every other team is gunning for us, especially Monrovia.

The Mid: What position or positions are you gonna be playing this season?

Darlington: Fullback and varios positions on the d-line.

The Mid: How do you feel about the smudgepot being in Zero Week?

Darlington: Well Its nice to just get it over with, will be a great start to our football season.

The Mid: Do you play another another sport…do you dream about football during the off season?

Darlington: I wrestle, and yes I do miss football during the off season. I’ve had a couple football-related dreams.

The Mid: Is there a player on your roster that doesn’t get the credit he deserves?

Darlington: No, everyone gets the credit they deserve the coaches are good at recognizing hardwork.

The Mid: Coach Z. doesn’t let anyone slide on working hard does he?

Darlington: Not if your a GUY. A guy is a player who makes a bunch of plays, always consistent and always works his hardest.

Is it just me or has Rowland flown under the radar this spring and early summer?

You know there was a time I was into Wimbledon as well.

Folks are agreeing with me about Covina’s Billy Livingston. The Colts junior quarterback may not get a scholarship offer from Michigan, be he’s got enough arm and skills to cause havoc in the Wild Wild Valle Vista.

Do the Clippers have a head coach yet?

Didn’t see him play, but others saw future M-Town quarterback George Frazier take some snaps and the word coming back is: impressive.

Lastly for the sake of keeping the peace in my household: I have always been an Argentina fan.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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