The Peterson Principle: 4/5/2022

By Tim Peterson

It all starts in March bursting out of the gate. Tune into TNT, TBS, TRU TV or CBS and don’t be late.

March Madness explodes as 68 teams hit the courts. It’s without a doubt the best three weeks in sports.

68 becomes 16 faster than you can say Amino Timberlake. Four days of non-stop action and none of it is fake.

This year in the West everybody liked the Zags. But after the Sweet Sixteen they were packing their bags.

With Few and Timme Gonzaga just had to win. Arkansas sent them home for an early game of Gin.

The Razorbacks aren’t exactly 40 minutes of hell. But this team is good, you can just tell.

Duke beat them and the Hogs were done. Did you know for next season Arkansas is ranked number one?

Mike Krzyzewski guided the Blue Devils to the Final Four. The legend, in his last year, had Duke knocking at the door.

North Carolina took Duke’s best shot and lived to see another day. Good night, farewell and a great career Coach K.

Local fans insisted UCLA was going to give it a go. The Tar Heels said, nah, see ya later bro.

The Bruins fought hard when push came to shove. Ultimately they were beat by a kid named Love.

Cinderella St. Peter’s was dancing in the East. An Elite Eight appearance and the Peacocks were ready to feast.

Carolina sent them home too but no reason to pout. A memorable season for St. Pete’s despite getting knocked out.

In the South Arizona was ready to roll. The Wildcats were a number one seed in everybody’s poll.

The Cats were fine until they faced a Houston squad. No Hakeem Olajuwon but Arizona still lost…odd.

Villanova came out of the South with fight. Pretty common for a team coached by Jay Wright.

USC was in the Midwest but nobody really knew it. In the very first round the Trojans blew it.

Miami winning a few games was kind of cool. Didn’t they used to be a football school?

In that region Kansas was a lock. By the way what is a Jayhawk?

The Jayhawks topped Nova and then there were two. Who was going to beat them? Who?

The Tar Heels trotted out Love, Manek and Bacot. Kansas scoffed and said is that all you got?

Carolina was feeling it up 15 at the break. Soon however the game was there for Kansas to take.

The Jayhawks caught and passed the Heels with Martin leading the way. Kansas was King at the end of the day.

Once again March Madness was the place to be. From beginning to end it’s must see TV.

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