Chalk Talk: Skinny-Post versus Traditional-Post Route

Montebello QB Coach Michael McKay

By Montebello QB Coach Michael McKay

Typically a traditional post is a 45-degree angle to the center of the field off of a straight upfield break by a wide receiver…Usually the 45-degree break is anywhere from 7 to 12 yards then cut to the inside.

A thin (skinny) post is broken at the same depth but is about a 25 degree angle to the center of the field…This type of post depends upon the coverage & the offensive formation.

For example if I am in a Twins (or double) with two receivers on both sides of ball…We like our inside receivers to run thin posts to put the safety or safeties in a bind and make them choose.

If they would run typical posts, they (the receivers) would meet at the center of field…A thin (skinny) post makes (if two safeties) them choose to cover the post or the outside receivers, whom I would run on streaks..If one safety, then the safety has to choose which receiver to cover…Usually by reading the quarterback.

The inside receivers will be guarded by outside linebackers or a strong safety..It is up for the quarterback to make the safety go where he wants and then throw to the other inside receiver.

Michael McKay played his prep football at Culver City, and starred at Tulane. He had professional experience in both NFL and USFL camps. His most recent coaching stops have been at Eagle Rock (two CIF championships) as an assistant to Jerry Chou, and at Temple City under Anthony White last season. In 2010 he will be coaching quarterbacks for Pete Gonzalez at Montebello High School where he also teaches.

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