Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changes…

Coach Mike McFarland moved from Pasadena to Temple City

“Ch-ch-ch-ch changes (turn and face the strain)” – David Bowie

There are always changes in the off season. Coaches step down, assistants move, players transfer – it happens every year. But as the 2010 season bears down upon us like a blitzing linebacker, it seems there have been more changes this year than any in recent memory.

Did you know that in the Southern Section alone there have been at least 12 head coaching changes? In the Mid-Valley Division there were 10 with four of those taking place in the Valle Vista.

Of course the Valle Vista is different than it was in 2009 and so is the Montview as the leagues and divisions have changed also but we’ll get to that later.

Some of the coaching changes we’re inevitable while others came out of the blue. We figured Alhambra coach Gil Ruedaflores would step down one of these years, (he still owes the Mid Valley Sports staff three pairs of shoes), and he finally did after the 2009 season. Lou Torres, who also serves as the Athletic Director, took over and is bringing a new offense with him.

We also thought Keith Jones would step aside sooner or later but we were thinking later.  He loves the Xs and Os but grew tired of the administration stuff. Jude Oliva, the OC, assumed the duties of head coach.

It wasn’t shocking that Bassett hired a new coach in Aubrey Duncan who replaced the departed Leon Ward. Actually he didn’t take over for Ward but instead Craig Cieslik who took the job and then resigned a month later. That was the shocking part.

We thought Anthony White was in for the long haul at Temple City but when he was offered a job that was less than a mile from his house, he couldn’t refuse it and stepped down. Mike McFarland, who was the head coach at Pasadena, took the TC job.

Randy Horton, a former track coach, took the Pasadena position and ironically Temple City DB/quarterback Brandon Cox followed. Yes there was plenty of player movement too.

The San Marino change was a surprise- not so much that Mike Mooney got the job but that D.R. Moreland decided to resign in the first place. Change is good I guess so Workman Coach Fred DeLelio walked away from Workman after a 6-5 season and a trip to the playoffs. That paved the way for former Damien Coach Scott Morrison to put on the head gear for the Lobos.

For the Los Altos faithful it’s CIF championships or bust. So Felipe Aguilar is out and Northview Coach Jim Arellanes is in. Arellanes has been taking heat on the blogs since he accepted the gig. Aguilar ended up on Craig Snyder’s staff at Rowland.

John Brown coaxed six wins out of Pomona last season but he was still let go and Anthony Rice, formerly of Colony, is now the guy. And the expectations have skyrocketed.

Marcel Perez, the DC on the Northview staff, was promoted to Head Coach. Nogales’ Vito Saracino stepped aside and Sebastian Hernandez moved in.

Oh yeah and one more. Long time Crescenta Valley Coach Tony Zarrillo retired and Paul Schilling was named coach.

Whew…that was just the coaches. As far as the Divisions go, perennial powers South Hills and Charter Oak were moved out of the Southeast Division and into the Inland. They now both reside in the Sierra League. Former Southeast leagues Miramonte and San Antonio joined forces to form the Hacienda. Except for Wilson- the Wildcats moved to the Valle Vista.

The Suburban League in Orange County moved into the Southeast and the Almont moved to the Mid-Valley. Ganesha moved from the Valle Vista to the Montview. Confused yet?  

Coaching changes, league changes, division changes, and we have even mentioned the players that have transferred from one school to the other. Don’t worry that’s covered in another story.

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