Fanview Lite: September 16, 2010

Expect San Marino to display the Dark Side of the Moon against La Salle.

Good Afternoon!

I’ll never forgive Bad News Barker for beating me to Arian Foster.

You can have my Heisman when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

Weird question during football season, I know, but: are the Dodgers finally done with Russell Martin?

I knew they’d finally bust Derek Jeter for something…

So when SC beats Minnesota 17-10 will it be the worst 3-0 team in college football history? And if by chance the Trojans win their first nine games, will they be the worst 9-0 team in college football history? It’s getting old.

Last Add Old: When will UCLA get a quarterback…talk about old…


After a long stretch of construction and relocation for its football team, Monrovia’s new football stadium is set to open tomorrow night when the Wildcats play Arcadia.

“It hasn’t bothered us,” said M-Town HC Ryan Maddox. “But today is our first day on our field so it has been a challenge for us. I think our players have done a great job. In some ways its been more of a benefit they’re fired up to play Friday night.”

Any hangover from the loss to Glendora?

“Don’t take anything away from Glendora, we were right there with them, but the turnovers killed us. I was happy the kids played hard and battled,” said Maddox. “I don’t like to lose but you learn a lot more about yourself when you lose. Playing good schools allows you to see those things you need to work on.”

Thoughts on Arcadia Friday night?

“This has really become a rivalry game. Our kids and their kids have grown up together and it really has become about getting bragging rights. Arcadia has a great program and a lot of great young players.”


Late Add Kenny Andrew: The former Arroyo center and current assistant wasn’t down with the picture I took of the Knights offensive line after the Mid Valley Classic… “Not enough mud on the uniform,” he said.


A lot of energy is surrounding Sierra Vista and its running game. It caught Hoover off guard last Friday night.

“We had an idea from last year what they (SV) did, but they changed their offense,” Tornado HC Chris Long. “They just pounded us.”

Hoover fell behind early and rallied late. Frustrated or feeling good about fighting back?

“Little bit of both,” said Long. “Sierra Vista did a great job, but offensively we knew could score. We just fumbled the ball early on and left too many plays on the field.”

Long did see film on South Pasadena and its new found running game in Patrick Martin.

“We’ll be ready,” he said.

Last Add Hoover: Long was extremely pleased with the play of sophomore receiver/strong safety Jesse Pina. Pina, who caught nine passes for 194 yards and a touchdown, checks in a 6’1” 200-pounds…I believe those numbers could please almost any football coach.


College Basketball previews are popping up…and local basketball coaches want on the Tuesday night show…HELLO! It is football season!


Always good to know there are things you can count on; death, taxes, the hate between Wilson & Los Altos, and Colts safety Bob Sanders being out again…indefinitely.


Some texts rolled in this morning asking about the location of the Arroyo-Montebello game on Friday night. Double-checked, the game is at Montebello.

Oilers-Knights, a little history:

Did you know these two schools have not met since Montebello won a first round CIF contest 27-14 in 2001? The year before they beat the Knights in the first round as well, 41-14.

Arroyo leads the series all-time 6-3-1. For eight seasons (1966-1973) the schools opened the season with one another. The Oilers didn’t get a win until a 35-14 victory in 1973.

Last Add Arroyo-Montebello: In the last four meetings between the schools the Knights have scored exactly 14 points in each one of the games.


In ten previous meetings San Marino has gone 8-2 against La Salle. In fact the Titans, who face the Lancers Friday, have dropped plus-30 bombs in each of the last three meetings.

That’s good stuff, but here’s something even better.

On October 7th 2006, Temple City in the midst of a strong season fell to La Salle 21-14 after jumping out to a 14-0 lead. The Rams were 4-0 going in and had everything go wrong from injuries, poor play, and terrible officiating…They also got introduced to a pair of bludgeoning Lancer running backs named David Bair and Nathan Bury.

La Salle HC Ealar Gallagher pounded the hard running Bury, and got three touchdowns out of Bair to snap a four game losing streak. The victory put the Lancers on a run that didn’t end until they played Verbum Dei in the CIF Finals.

That night I chronicled “The 20 Worst Losses in Temple City History” (no the project wasn’t financed by Arroyo boosters)…Which included this particular Saturday afternoon disaster. Ask a player on that 2006 team even now, four years later, about La Salle and you’ll get a disgusted shake of the head.

Ask the then TC HC what he feels about that day…and you’ll see why San Marino’s game against La Salle tomorrow night is so important. It will be Mike Mooney’s first opportunity for payback as an HC against the Lancers.


Note to La Salle HC Antoine Peterson: 30 touches minimum for Kishon Sanders!


For What It’s Worth; Rancho Cucamonga and San Dimas have never met before this coming weekend on the football field.


We argued it on the show Tuesday night and I don’t want to place undue burden, but El Monte’s contest with Covina is critical when looking at the overall playoff scheme of things.

Same can be said for San Gabriel playing Burbank. The Mats need a “W” for a “W’s” sake, but they also need to build their non-league resume. The Almont is looking like a sea of chaos right now…and the team that would concern me, building slowly, would be Montebello.


Note From Maranatha HC Joel Murphy: “Saw on MV someone joking about how to spell Andrew Elffers name. There ya go. It’s E L F F E R S (elf-furs).”


From Former South El Monte HC Erick Escamilla: “Hector Urias was my idol growing up and I have so many great memories of him. Truly Mr. El Monte, I will miss him dearly.”

Stay thirsty my friends…


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