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The Peterson Principle: 1/26/15

By Tim Peterson Football is king. There is no doubt about that. But the NFL does have one glaring flaw- The Pro Bowl. It’s terrible. I don’t care, the fans don’t care and it doesn’t look like the players do either.

The Peterson Principle 3/3/10

“C’mon I just need two! Gimme a break. I need to get in,” pleaded a lady dressed in Pasadena Bulldog colors. “Aw forget it. They’ll blow them out anyway. I’ll catch them at the Honda Center next week,” uttered another guy as he stormed away from the gymnasium door and out into the night. 

The Peterson Principle 12/30/09

  I finally got out to see some high school basketball this week. The annual Temple City – La Salle Holiday Classic is always a good place to start. There were some good players, solid teams and competitive games. I’m not sure why but the transition from football seemed tougher this year.