The Peterson Principle: 1/26/15

Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson

By Tim Peterson

Football is king. There is no doubt about that. But the NFL does have one glaring flaw- The Pro Bowl. It’s terrible. I don’t care, the fans don’t care and it doesn’t look like the players do either.

It’s an exhibition pure an simple. But even as an exhibition it’s been tarnished. By scheduling the game the week before the Super Bowl it eliminates all of the players from Super Bowl rosters. In this year’s game players like Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman were absent. It needs to be put back to the week after the Super Bowl. At least we would at least see the best players in the game. Now the AFC vs. NFC is gone. Instead it’s Team Irvin vs. Team Carter.

This isn’t a Pro Bowl. It’s a circus. At one point Jordy Nelson caught a touchdown pass and was congratulated by Clay Matthews, a Green Bay Packer teammate but an opponent in this game.

It’s all fun I guess but really nobody cares. There were also several players not participating in the Super Bowl that elected not to play. Pretty soon everybody will back out. They may have trouble fielding teams. Who would want to risk injury in this?

Put the AFC vs. NFC back on the field and move it back to the week after the Super Bowl. It might not save it but it’s a start.

With Marco Ramirez stepping down last Friday at Schurr, the next coach hired, presumably David Ramos, will be the Spartans fourth coach in the last eight years. Elvin Dick led Schurr to a CIF Championship in 2006 and then stepped down after the 2007 season. Ben Negrete took over for four years before giving way to Ramirez in 2012.

The bigger question at Schurr was whether or not quarterback Adam Polanco, a freshman last year, will be playing for the Spartans next year. Despite a lot of buzz about Polanco leaving for potentially greener pastures, as of today he’s still at Schurr.

Isn’t it amazing how year in and year out the Keppel Aztecs can’t win a game on the football field but are Almont League champions or a playoff team every year on the basketball floor? Maybe the Aztecs should ask Hung Duong to coach the football team. No, I’m serious.

Duong has his team on top of the Almont again at 4-0 after a win over Schurr Friday night. Bertram Mak led the way with 22 points. Doesn’t it seem like Mak has been at Keppel for 10 years?

Deflate gate or no, I like Seattle Sunday. I don’t think deflated footballs will have anything to with it but I do think Sherman and Russell Wilson will. Seahawks by six.

That’s my principle.

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