The Peterson Principle 7/18/11

Who's this freak with Peterson?

I heard one radio talking head say that if the USA Women’s Soccer team can win the World Cup it would revitalize the sport just like it did in 1999. Say What?

You remember that moment right? The moment when Brandi Chastain ripped off her jersey in celebration of the victory over China at the Rose Bowl and everybody got all excited about soccer… for about five minutes.

That was a dozen long years ago and have we heard anything about women’s soccer since? Oh there was a professional league that started. It was something called the Women’s United Soccer Association and it folded in less than two years.

They’re simply wasn’t enough people in the seats at the games and not enough interest to develop any television or radio contracts. The bottom line was other than Chastain’s parents (she played for the San Jose CyberRays in the league) and the moms and dads of the other participating players, nobody cared. And a 2011 World Cup Championship wouldn’t have changed a thing.

People that grew up in the United States grew up with football, baseball and basketball. Some, especially in the East and Midwest, grew up with hockey. So those sports take precedence. In Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and other countries they grew up with soccer so it’s what they know and it’s what they love. But not in America.     

There’s nothing wrong with soccer. It’s a great sport. It’s just that soccer, women’s or men’s, will never thrive in the United States.

I wanted the women to beat Japan Sunday. But the result, win or lose, will have nothing to do with the sport growing in popularity. It simply won’t happen.

“Wait ‘til next year.” The women can actually say that with the Olympics coming up in London next summer. I hope they win gold. Now on to more important things. 

The Baseball All-Star game should be treated like it is played – as an exhibition. The NBA All Star Game is a joke. There are 300 points scored as nobody plays defense. Players driving to the hole are given the red carpet treatment and allowed to throw down a highlight reel jam. It’s purely for show but the NBA doesn’t try to disguise it as anything else.

The Pro Bowl is the same. Whether it’s played before the Super Bowl or after it’s just a showcase for the fans to see the players one last time. And the NFL treats it as such.

Baseball tries to tell us “Now it means something” and even awards the winner the home field advantage in the World Series. If it meant something why are there 7 or 8 pitchers throwing for each league? If it meant something why do some players skip it to take an extra day off even though they’ve been selected to play? Why have there been no collisions at home plate since Pete Rose bowled over Ray Fosse in the 1970 game? Can you say honestly that these guys are giving 100 percent?

Note to MLB-remove the home field advantage, and let the All-Star game be what it is supposed to be- a meaningless exhibition.

Alhambra quarterback Josh Mendoza has been participating in the Champion Football Academy with former Florida State quarterback Chris Rix. The more I see and hear about Mendoza, the more I like Alhambra to rise in the Almont.

I finally got to see Schurr QB Edgar Jimenez throwing the ball Thursday at Arroyo. Aaron Cantu’s successor will be just fine thank you. If he manages the game, and the Spartans play solid defense, Ben Negrete’s team will be right in the mix.

I took a shot for going to Arroyo again to cover a passing tournament. Have you ever heard the saying “If you build it they will come?” Well if they’re throwing, (and they always are at Arroyo), I will come.

That’s my principle.

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