West Covina Wins Lineman Comp

Monrovia's Ellis McCarthy was a beast at the lineman comp. According to Arroyo Coach Jim Singiser he also participated in the "funniest moment" of the day

(El Monte) – West Covina won the Lineman Competition at Arroyo Saturday taking four of eight events. Azusa, Villa Park, and Arroyo finished second, third and fourth respectively and were only separated by a total of three points.  

Azusa won the squat, Arroyo the bench press and Villa Park the tire toss. Covina won the sled drive.

Thoughts and observations from Arroyo Coach Jim Singiser:  

“It was a fun day. It was a chance for the big guys to get a little applause in the summer. Nobody takes it too seriously. I mean winning a tire toss is only going to come in handy if we start playing games in junk yards.

That said it was fun to watch the big guys compete. We have done the four ways and the tournaments this summer and it was nice to hear the lineman laughing and cheering each other on all through the events. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t camp snoopy out there. We had one kid from Bell Gardens hit 225 pounds on the bench 24 times and our own Omar Partida hit it 21 times.

Azusa and Alhambra had kids hit 500 pounds on the squat and Monrovia’s Ellis McCarthy hit over 300 pounds in the power clean.

The funniest moment, (except for the kids absolutely face planting in the titan carry), was McCarthy’s tire toss score. 5 was the maximum score you could reach but our coach that ran the event said he deserved 10’s because he damn near threw his tire into the next event. That kid was a beast.

The kids and coaches had a good day – no injuries, no problems and a great day for us.”

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