Fanview Lite: September 13, 2009

Blair HC wants to know the number of the train that hit his team on Saturday..."The Johnny Calderon Express"

Blair HC Gary Parks wants to know the number of the train that hit his team on Saturday..."The Johnny Calderon Express"

Good Evening

What? No countdown?

Spent a rough afternoon watching Blair and Bosco Tech go at it. I like the Vikings’ Gary Parks attitude, but nice guys can still lose 35-6. B.T.’s Johnny Calderon was terrific.

Eerie. Ten years and one day before Friday night Mike Mooney was making his debut as Temple City’s head coach. The Rams had a lead with one minute to play when Arroyo’s Eric Duenas went deep down the middle of the field to “He Who Must Not Be Named” Matt Vogel for the game winner in the final minute for the win.

All is Right with the World Dept:

Rosemead’s Joey Diaz ran for 233-yards on 29-carries against Covina, so Matt Koffler has his battering ram at tailback.

After another 50-plus bomb, we’re going to start calling the San Dimas offense, “The Pete Maravich Offense”…

I’ve been asked twice why Temple City didn’t kick the field goal in the final minutes before giving Arroyo the ball back. Drew Tinsley does have a great leg, but the lead was only 24-21 and too much can go wrong on a field goal. They did the right thing, pin the Knights deep and let the defense take care of it.

As mentioned in the story Chris Rodriguez won a jump ball and made a great play.

All Time Kick-Off Returns for Touchdowns in “Mid Valley Classic” History:

Arroyo: (1999 ) Matt Vogel 89-yards, (2007) Jose Martinez 93-yards,

Temple City: (1989) Chris Antonio 92-yards, (1998) Greg Flammang 98-yards,

(2001) Antonio Wagner 95-yards, (2002) Desmond Reed 89-yards, (2004) Carlos Lopez 95-yards, (2009) Max Ruckle 86-yards

I never had a doubt about the USC game.

Arroyo’s Mike “Let’s Rock!” Vasquez is the best back Arroyo has had since Anthony Olivas and hits the hole faster.

After Temple City fumbled an exchange between Justin Smith and Ruben Jara a voice in the crowd yelled; “Bring back Backus!”… Of course they weren’t saying a thing in the fourth quarter…

Arroyo announcer Doug Stevens needs to come back down from the press booth and work the sideline. I miss the nights of dodging a 5,000 foot microphone cord for four quarters.

I still hate Notre Dame…great to see them lose.

Nearly had a “Do you know who I am?” moment in the second half of TC-Arroyo, but I handled it with quiet dignity and grace.

It’s time for Fresno State to put up or shut up…

How good was TC’s Justin Sutton Friday? He helped plow the road for Ruckle, recovered a fumble for a touchdown, recorded two sacks, and blew up countless plays. Oh yeah, and he’s wearing Soumakian’s number. When you put it all together the kid should have been declared illegal.

Is it just me or are UCLA games just not an event worth planning for?

The whole afternoon was painful for Blair on Saturday

The whole afternoon was painful for Blair on Saturday

Stay thirsty my friends…


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