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Joe T.

Joe T.

“I don’t think any decent human being enjoys recruiting.”—Al McGuire

Kick it!

Writing a column the day after Jude Oliva steps down at Maranatha, might be the easiest thing I’ve ever done…I’m sick of writing about coaches quitting. This has been an extended crazy season regarding coaches, realignments, and transfers.

We franchised tagged Tim Peterson the other day. Problem is we tagged him as a sportswriter and he wants to be slotted as an editor. We’ll probably get him signed but we might have to release VillaTheDevil to stay under the cap…and of course I’ll be expected to restructure…again.

Getting some free food tonight at the National Football Foundation dinner at Brookside Park in Pasadena. Forty-three local football players will be in attendance and receiving scholarship funds. So it sounds like a good deal…at least until I find out who I’m sitting next to.


Veteran photographer Kevin Estrada has shot some of rock’s biggest names over the years – Nirvana, Kiss, REM, Green Day, Fergie, etc. And now, he is using his connections in the world of rock for a good cause – helping to raise awareness of human trafficking, by creating the organization “Rockers Against Trafficking” and scheduling an upcoming all-star benefit show, on April 11th at Paladino’s in Tarzana, CA (and sponsored by Monster Energy).

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Speaking of sportswriters, someone tried to play the writer’s block card on me the other day.

Biggest Lie on the Planet? A sportswriter saying he/she has writer’s block. If you’re involved in sports and don’t feel like you have anything to write about or have developed something internal preventing you from putting fingers to keyboard the diagnosis is: Lazy! (Bum/Slacker/Stiff/Or being in love) Not writer’s block.

Next Add Oliva: For the detractors, San Gabriel gets nowhere close to the 2011 finals without Oliva, the staff he put together, and the team they coached up.

UCLA fans love Steve Alford now, but if they get blown out by Florida and struggle next year…will you love him then? A UCLA fan declaring loyalty to their basketball coach is like a film lover declaring Stephen Baldwin is an actor… “I know he can get the job, but can he do the job?”

An upset is something that doesn’t normally happen…but have you noticed “upsets” are part of the norm in the NCAA Tournament each year. I don’t think Mercer beating Duke is that big of the deal, and it probably should happen more often than not…and going forward with all of the one and dones it probably will.

I think the NFL is putting itself on track to a slow death. Agree with it or not, but I’ve heard my whole life you can’t legislate morality. Yet, that’s exactly what the NFL seems to be attempting.

If the country’s economy picks up, do you think the climate might become right for a new football league in a few years? Not a subsidiary league playing in places like Cheyenne, Wyoming…but a straight head to head challenge? Possible?

Next Add Oliva: We never published the comments left on our website that questioned Andy Guerrero’s physical and emotional capacity to play football. He didn’t have great size or a great arm, but someone coaxed championship caliber football out of him in 2011…and I think that someone was Oliva.

First Add Guerrero: And Guerrero proved to be a great decision maker on the field.

I’m with Peterson, I’m tired of all the jockeying and shifting going on between the leagues and divisions. My only wish would be for the divisions to be tight geographically and to consider football first. After that leave it all alone.

Oh, I also believe we should make it “okay” for a school to drop its football program if it wants to.

Last Add Oliva: Remember he caused the wind storm in 2011 to move San Gabriel’s semi-final game with San Dimas from Friday to Saturday night.

Really Last Add Oliva: Keep an eye on Temple City.


In regards to violence never solving anything: Violence has solved a whole lot throughout history.

In regards to the NCAA Tourney: Even though I’ve always been a Dayton fan, I’ve only got minimal interest.

In regards to Alex Guerrero: The Dodgers are paying him a lot of money to not be a starter.

In regards to coaching changes: This comes from “The 562”…Since Sergio Gradilla was hired at Whittier Christian in 2009, Maranatha will have had four head coaches (once the new hire is made), Heritage Christian has had four, Village Christian has had three, and Valley Christian has had two. Eleven head coaching changes and none at the WC.

In regards to Jim Kelly: Prayers.

The Dude abides…


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