Fanview Lite: April 8, 2014

Andrew Ward of Covina, wants to be an Angel. (These and future results brought to you by the Los Angeles Dodgers & Time Warner Cable)

Andrew Ward of Covina wants to be an Angel.
(These and future results brought to you by the Los Angeles Dodgers & Time Warner Cable)

“Walk on your tip toes…Don’t try, ‘No Doz’

Better stay away from those…That carry around a fire hose

Keep a clean nose…Watch the plain clothes

You don’t need a weather man…To know which way the wind blows.”—Bob Dylan

Kick it!

Oh, I’ve alway been a UConn fan!

Note to CBS: Time to dump that lame “One Shining Moment” song for your tournament wrap up video. It stunk on ice years ago, it stinks even worse now.

The question is never about John Calipari moving on, the question is how long after Calipari moves out is it until NCAA investigation crews move in?

Calipari, with all of his experience, swallowed the jalapeno by not fouling in the final minute of last night’s game. He said it was because the UConn guards weren’t going to miss from the foul line…Really? I didn’t see all of the tournament, but I saw enough to know that college kids, no matter how good, sometimes miss free throws with 88,000 people in the stands!

The rule for the position Kentucky was in down the stretch was; extend the game. Even Mike D’Antoni knows that.

But if Calipari doesn’t know that, then he’s perfectly suited to be the next Lakers head coach.

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Wow, Rod Strickland got old.

I’ve watched Burbank’s James Williams play several times…he’s one of the few players I’ve seen since coming back to prep football in 1998 that really tilts the field.

Last Add Williams: Take nothing away from La Serna, but remember the Lancers did not win the Southeast semifinal until the last minute when a Burbank punt went only 16-yards and Frankie Football only had to drive them 44 yards for the winning score. The Bulldogs essentially played without Williams that night.

Last Add La Serna: They did it in the semis and they did it in the finals. They deserve every bit of their championship.

How does an Arena Football League game finish with a final score of 44-34? The L.A. Kiss opener against Portland must have been the AFL defensive struggle of the ages.

Note to the MVL: Don’t write off Arroyo’s Chaz Miller.

From “The Ranch”: MVS sends congrats to El Rancho standouts Ryan Araujo, Javier Carrillo, David Ramos and Jesus Verduzco who will be attending New Mexico Highlands next fall. Dons trenchman Adrien Perez has committed to Whittier College.

Let’s see…Start the season in Australia, lose your second best reliever to the disabled list, lose your number one starter for a couple of months, lose your starting catcher to knee surgery, lose your first two home games to the San Francisco Giants, your most talented every day player strains his thumb, and only 30 percent of your fan base is able to see your televised games…Sounds like Arte Moreno’s blueprint to make the Los Angeles Angels the southland’s number one name in baseball.

The expression “If I had to go to war, this is who I’d want to go with me” is a great clarifier. It tells us all we need to know about the individual at hand. So with that said, let me say: If I had to go to war, the last person I’d want to take with me is a Major League Baseball player.

They are the biggest emotional wimps on the planet. I don’t want to go to war with people who get their feelings hurt because Yasiel Puig does things “the wrong way” when it comes to baseball…Or because someone breaks the code by stealing signs…Or because Jeffrey Leonard circles the bases with an arm/flap down…or because someone steals a base late in a game with a lead…or because they show too much excitement.

I respect the fact they stand in the box and face 90-mph heat, but I don’t respect people who feel the worst thing in the world is someone admiring a 500 foot shot into McCovey Cove.

Note to Fox Sports 1: I do appreciate Saturday’s game being televised, but I could really careless about the in game interviews with the players. Was it really necessary for Joe Buck to be talking to Tim Hudson about the “Moneyball” movie and the 2002 season, while working a 2014 Giants-Dodgers game, with a runner on base, and Adrian Gonzalez at the plate?

Next Add Yasiel Puig: Since every jackwagon on the planet is doubling down on their opinions about how Puig needs to grow up…I say it’s time for Puig to double down with the race card…The sanctimonious Bob Costas, and others like him, would drop a collective brick in their pants at the allegation…Yeah, the race card is the dirty bomb of sports but the incessant harping on Puig by the media is just as awful.


In regards to Michael Vick: May you throw 45 touchdown passes this season.

In regards to Linkedin: I have no memory of signing up for it. Should I?

In regards to A.J. Ellis having knee surgery: Oh the joys of Drew Butera at $45.00 a game.

In regards to APU football: Really like it, but I need injury reports, updates and such. At least something more than the “two-deep”. So does the fan base.

In regards to West Covina: Did you know its top returning rusher is (junior-to-be) Andrew Soto with 105 yards in 2013? (Note: This is not 2003 San Gabriel legend Andy Soto making a comeback.)

The Dude abides…


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I think the Angels pitching staff could use some of this.

I think the Angels pitching staff could use some of this.

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