Fanview Lite: April 17, 2014

Joe T.

Joe T.

“If you’re traveling in the north country fair…Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline. Remember me to one who lives there…For she was once a true love of mine.”—Bob Dylan

Kick it!

I’m just about done with Kenley Jansen.

The L.A. Register is just as easy to find as the Rosemead Review…or the Herald Examiner for that matter.

Are they going to have a prep department?

I understand there are hockey fans every where…and maybe it’s just me…but doesn’t an entire column devoted to the Anaheim Ducks seem excessive? I guess it’s better than lead columns in daily sports sections devoted to bowling.

This might be an oxymoron but I’ve always thought Chris Johnson, recently signed by the New York Jets, was the worst 2,000 yard rusher in NFL history.

When was the last time West Covina had a pure passing quarterback?

Speaking of the NFL… “Caught in The Draft: 1974” on the NFL Network last night was awesome. It was great seeing highlights of Bo Matthews, the second overall pic in the draft by the San Diego Chargers…I patterned one of my several fantasy careers as a running back after Matthews.

Does anyone know who Joe Sebastian is? (I do.)

I understand that everything is fluid west of San Gabriel Blvd. and north of South Pasadena…so I understand things may have changed…But Tyreek Adams is a heck of an athlete and I hope he is still playing for the Pasadena Bulldogs this fall. He should be an excellent weapon for newly arrived quarterback Jorge Reyna.

Last Add South Pasadena: Their 2013 roster list’s Jacob Wilson at 6-6, 320…not bad for an eighth grader…(Say What!)…Check out MaxPreps.

Nice to see the Smudgepot game between Bonita and San Dimas moved back to mid-season. Somehow a football grudge match doesn’t do much for me in AUGUST!

I think my invite to play in the East-West Hall of Fame game at WestCo got lost in the mail…Then again I might of confused the invite to play golf on May 30th at Brookside in the “Jim Brownfield Memorial” with an invite to put on the helmet and pads.

Do you think Diamond Ranch is a good football program? I do, but I got a note this week from someone saying D-Ranch is a perpetual disappointment. Have to admit the one and done loss to Santa Fe in the CIF opener does, at the least, provide room for argument.

Chad Johnson signs with the Montreal Alouettes…Love of game or in need of money?

Last Add Dodgers: Why are they horsing around with Matt Kemp? Park him in center field and leave him alone…and that has nothing to do with him being on my fantasy baseball team.


In regards to “Survivor”: Tony is a major loon.

In regards to Yasiel Puig: When you are born and raised in Cuba…Then you can have something to say about him.

In regards to the new “Godzilla” movie: I might go see it…if someone else pays.

In regards to Montebello running back Isaac Mendibles: Have people forgotten he was only a sophomore last year?

In regards to Whittier Christian: Who will be the quarterback next season?

The Dude abides…


1 Samuel 21:15 (The verse that fits the arrival of Big Tony & VillaTheDevil)

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