The Peterson Principle: 7/7/14

A lot of defenders were chasing Sierra Vista's Justin Torres last year

A lot of defenders were chasing Sierra Vista’s Justin Torres last year

The vibe I’m getting about the Carmelo Anthony to Lakers deal is not good. I’m hearing that he doesn’t play defense, shoots too much and isn’t the ideal teammate. That’s probably all true, but I say bring him on.

He can score like nobody’s business and besides who else is out there? Marcin Gortat is gone as is Kyle Lowry. But those guys weren’t game changers anyway. Anthony is. Gortat got $60 million and we all know he’s not worth that. He was a back up last year!

Kobe Bryant got too much money; that much is clear. But he’s here now and the Lakers have a two year window in which to make something happen. Why not bet the house and sign Melo. What’s the worst that could happen? They won’t win a championship? Well we know they won’t win without him. Plus it would be entertaining seeing Kobe and Carmelo fight over who gets the last shot. Maybe they can play with two basketballs. Heck if Carmelo signs LeBron James might jump aboard as well. You say no way, I say shoot for the moon.

I’ve harped on this before and I’ll harp on it again. Vin Scully is the only person who can end the Dodgers’ cable fiasco. All he has to do is announce that since only 30 percent of the Los Angeles market can hear him he has decided to retire at the end of this season. It would be a PR disaster for the Dodgers, Time Warner, Direct TV and everybody else involved. Somebody would cave. Wouldn’t they?

I know the Sierra Vista stats have come into question before. With Lee Jones running for over 1900 yards and 21 touchdowns in 2012 and Justin Torres piling up over 1700 yards and 16 touchdowns a year ago people say the numbers are skewed. But the fact is Torres had to have a big year to enable some stat keeper to possibly fudge some numbers. It’s not like they like they can just make stuff up.

You can’t simply add a hundred yards to a running backs’ total in a single game. It might have been a few yards here and a touchdown there however 1761 yards at 8.15 yards a crack is still a heckuva campaign. Torres is back this year for his senior season and is looking to have another monster year for the run-oriented Dons. They’ll need it. Sierra Vista finished 3-7 and out of the playoffs last year.

Looking forward to the SGV Shootout this Saturday at Arroyo – a virtual gold mine for us. Where else can you get information from 24 different coaches about 24 local teams that all land smack dab in our coverage area? Let the trash talking begin…

That’s my principle.


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