Andy’s Anecdotes


Andy’s Anecdotes

Watching the first two weeks of NFL preseason and one issue that I am confused on. Is Johnny Manziel on EVERY NFL team? 

Why are other announcers discussing a player that has nothing to do with the game going on? It amazes me that Manziel dominates the headlines.

It is just as bad as hearing Tiger Woods comments on the final hole of a major as Rickie Fowler is about to sink the winning putt.

Really drives me nuts that Manziel has been branded the “savior” of football. For what? What did he accomplish?

Before hollering about the Heisman, please understand that so did Vinny Testaverde, Tim Tebow, Matt Leinart and Troy Smith.

Joe said the other day, “He went into Tuscaloosa and won.” Well note to Joe; Matthew Stafford went into Bryant-Denny, so did Matt Flynn, Cam Newton, Jordan Jefferson, and Kinsom Lancaster.

Yup, Louisana-Monroe’s Kinsom Lancaster.

So why the hype?

What shocks me even more is watching the Monday Night game when Mike Tirico and John Gruden couldn’t stop gushing about Manziel. The always opinionated Gruden never once said anything about how “suspect” he is in the pocket. Forget about the fact that not once did Gruden mention Manziel’s inability to find the open receiver, throwing into double coverage or having happy feet.

ESPN spent almost forty minutes talking about him after the game. Then a screen grab appeared while the discussion continued. 14-or-27 for 128 yards and one touchdown in two games.

Okay again, why the hype?

How come nobody at ESPN is talking Zach Mettenberger or Teddy Bridgewater?

Mettenberger’s (Tennessee Titans) numbers last week were 20-of-25 for 269 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. Bridgewater (Minnesota Vikings) in two games has gone 22-of-33 for 226 yards and two touchdowns.

Manziel’s numbers after two games, 14 of 27 for 128 yards and one touchdown. Seriously, those are his numbers. I figure with all the hype he easily puts up Mettenberger or Bridgewater numbers. Not even close.

I haven’t even mentioned New England’s Jimmy Grappolo (15-of-25 for 229 yards and three touchdowns) or Jacksonville’s Blake Bortles (18-of-28 for 277 yards and no touchdowns). Bortles is putting up numbers against first-team defenses.

Never the less, I think its time we discuss other quarterbacks that have a brighter and better future than Manziel that is a “brand” and might end up like Troy Smith or Jason White.

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