The Peterson Principle: 1/5/15

Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson

By Tim Peterson

“Boo-yah!” “He was as cool as the other side of the pillow.” “You don’t have to go home but you have to get the heck out of here.”

Those are just a few of the phrases coined by ESPN’s Stuart Scott, who passed away from cancer Sunday at the age of 49. While some may consider those sayings to be old and tired they actually opened the door for the way most of the sportscasters speak and ad lib today. Scott made it possible for others to feel free to express themselves when telling you who won and who lost.

One thing is true. They are old. That’s because Scott started using them nearly two decades ago. He didn’t just use them, he invented them. Scott was a trendsetter. He stood up when everybody else was sitting. I mean seriously how many times have you heard somebody say “Boo-yah!” when describing a big play or talking about sports. Scott wasn’t just a sportscaster, he was a pioneer. Stuart Scott was actually the guy that was as cool as the other side of the pillow.


I understand UCLA HC Jim Mora wanting to “defend the safety of his players forever” but I don’t understand how brushing off a legend like Bill Snyder is doing that. And Mora may defend his players but we all know if the 49ers threw enough millions at him he’d be gone faster than you could say Colin Kaepernick.

Not sure if I’m ready to say Tony Romo can now win the big game. The Cowboys’ victory over the Lions was tainted by some terrible officiating down the stretch. How is a pass interference penalty called and then not called? A flag is never picked up on a play like that…and then no explanation. Replays clearly showed that it was PI on the Cowboys. On the game winning drive Dallas was helped by two very questionable calls that went their way. Enjoy it while you can Cowboys. The Tundra is very cold this time of year.

It’s probably not all Marvin Lewis’ fault that the Cincinnati Bengals again failed to get out of the first round of the playoffs. But you can’t fire the players so he has to go. When things aren’t working, and losing in the first round every year means it’s not working, the head coach takes the fall. 12 years is more than long enough to make something happen. An 0-6 post season record in the NFL just doesn’t wash. Lewis has to go- if nothing else than just for the sake of change.

Nelson Agholor leaving for the NFL isn’t as big as blow to USC as one would think. Agholor was a big part of the Trojans’ offense (he had over 100 catches) but all that it means is that there will be more opportunities for Adoree Jackson. The Trojans have other receivers as well in Darreus Rogers, George Farmer and JuJu Smith but Jackson is dynamic. He’s the guy. When he gets the ball it’s Boo-yah!

That’s my principle.

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