Fanview Lite: February 5, 2010

Benji Sanderson leads TC over Brazil....we mean Blair!

Good Morning!

T-Minus-227 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Can I just ignore the Lakers?

Its February, you know what’s coming?…I mean after the Super Bowl…The NFL Combine…I am down with the get down…That’s good stuff…

Never used to think much of signing day. I believe it’s because I used to fall into the same trap many still do; If it’s not PAC 10 or major division-one then it doesn’t matter.

Again, this is where football provides many more opportunities than basketball or baseball. In my youth I never would have thought much of Joe Morales signing with Ohio or Isaac Valdez going with Iowa Wesleyan.

I would have said; “I’d uh what?” at news of Mitchell Crockom’s going to Idaho.

As news filtered in on Wednesday, I felt myself becoming more and more elated by the moment.

Especially when I heard Dietrich Riley chose UCLA over USC….Oh, I’ve always been a Bruins fan…

Actually, it was fun to hear Peterson say; “That dude told me he was going to USC!”

More news should be coming down in a couple of weeks on Monrovia’s Josh Lowden and Burroughs wide receiver Kohl Adams-Hurd.

Heard it on “The Herd” this morning; “Brees is respected, Manning is feared.”

That’s why I like the Colts on Sunday.

But then again, the Saints are playing for the hope, pride, and general well-being of the city of New Orleans. Did you know they got hit by a hurricane nearly five years ago?

It’s amazing what goes unreported.

Except this…and believe it or not…I’m not even a soccer guy, but Temple City picked up Hat Tricks from both Benji Sanderson and Tim Herrington Wednesday in a 9-0 victory over Brazil.

…Check that, a 9-0 victory over Blair.

As I recover from my herniated disk, I’ve had well wishers from all over the country. But the best comes from former TC soccer player Joe Scoffinger, who posted this on Facebook: “Now you’ll be an even smarter basketball player.”

Man, I love the way that sounds…‘even a smarter basketball player’…of course implying I was pretty heads-up before the injury.

Then again I always looked smart posting up former TC basketball player, the current soccer loving Danny Jacks.

Mike Dunleavy didn’t need players to be successful with the Clippers. He needed Father Karras, Dr. Van Helsing, Holy Water, cloves of garlic, and a silver bullet to change things.

Addios Mike…

I’m gonna miss Keith Jones…We’ll post the story about him later this morning. Unless you’ve been around the area for a while, the best understanding of what San Gabriel football was before him is to think of where Mark Keppel is now.

Jones is quick to point out success was put in motion by Gary Orona, but it was Jones who continued to build and eventually reached a CIF title game in 2003. Won an Almont title, finally beat Bell Gardens, and eventually got home games on campus.

It should be called Keith Jones Stadium right now.

I’ve heard through the grapevine new Alhambra HC Lou Torres is more of a Wing-T pound it kinda guy…

Somebody needs to give Burroughs linebacker Charlie Hosea a look.

LaDainian Tomlinson might want his release from the Chargers, but the only people knocking on his door with any interest will be census workers.

I think the remedy for my Tar Heel friends in Four Oaks and Benson, North Carolina is Matt Doherty.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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