Amat’s Gonzalez has Plenty of Options

Wallace Gonzalez of Bishop Amat is a two sport star

Usually as a sophomore in high school you’re still trying to fit in with your peers. If you’re an athlete you’re trying to get the approval of your teammates and looking to the juniors and seniors for guidance. Although Wallace Gonzalez might have been going through these same exact things, he was also drawing the attention from another group of people- college recruiters.

After his sophomore season Gonzalez was offered a baseball scholarship by the University of San Diego. He verbally accepted and is looking forward to suiting up and playing centerfield for USD in 2011. But will it happen? 

Gonzalez, a two sport star, was attending Glendora High school at the time and also playing football in the fall. Since then he has transferred to Bishop Amat and will play both sports for Amat beginning this September.

Gonzalez was not allowed to play either sport by CIF for one year following his transfer last September but is looking forward to getting back on the field.

“It’s been tough but I worked out with the team and was always on the sidelines during games. I would let them know what I could see from my view,” Gonzalez said on the Mid Valley Sports Show last Tuesday. “I felt very much a part of the team. When they won, I won. I felt really good about my decision.”

Gonzalez put all the rumors to rest about his transfer from Glendora to Bishop Amat.

“A lot of people don’t know this but my sister is a freshman at Amat. That was a big part of it. It wasn’t all about sports,” Gonzalez said. “Athletics was second. It was more about my family.”

Gonzalez, who is 6’5’’, 235, could face an even tougher decision before his senior year is finished. A big play receiver for a high profile program will no doubt attract college football recruiters this fall.

“San Diego is a beautiful area and I’m loyal to SD. But I’m open to any school that would come in and offer me a partial to both. I love both sports and I’m thinking about both all year long,” said Gonzalez. “On weekends on Saturdays I’m working on football and Sundays it’s baseball. I love both.”

Gonzalez is currently participating in the “Legends of Character” camp being run by local coaches including Zeke Prado, formerly of Temple City, and Jude Oliva, offensive coordinator at San Gabriel.

“It’s definitely next level stuff. It’s not just for football. It will help you with whatever sport you’re involved in. It helps with endurance, footwork, things like that,” Gonzalez said.

And it will help Gonzalez in whatever sport he chooses on the next level after June of 2011. Baseball? Football? Both? Stay tuned…

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