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Who will replace Anthony White? TC Job is still wide open

As the coaching carousel turns: Who started all this? Was it Anthony White? Gil Ruedaflores? Keith Jones? Did Anthony Rice really take the job in Pomona or was that just an ugly rumor? I won’t believe it until Andy Villanueva reports it.

Why is Jim Arellanes talking so much heat on the blogs for not relaying his each and every move to the media? His decision to move to Los Altos wasn’t official until Friday afternoon so it was understandable that he would tell the kids at Northview the first thing on Monday morning. At that point he was almost in a no win situation. He tells the press and he’s going to get hammered for not telling the kids first. If he doesn’t say anything to the media he gets drilled for not telling the truth.

He did the stand up thing. He told the press he wasn’t going anywhere and said no comment on Friday. He wanted to tell his players first. It’s not his fault that a source leaked the story and the kids had to read it on the blogs. How was he supposed to know the story would suddenly pop up?

“Sorry I had to be tight lipped about the whole process,” Arellanes said on Monday. “I just wanted the Northview boys to hear it from me. They deserved that.”

And for this he continues to take heat. Blame the blogs, blame the source, but don’t blame Arellanes. He was stand up the entire way.

Why do sportswriters feel entitled? And then we wonder why coaches don’t want to talk to us at times. 

So now that that’s out of the way who will be the next coach at Northview? Heck, who will be the next coach at Temple City? It’s been three weeks and still no front runner has emerged. Have there even been any names mentioned? I mean names that are serious candidates?

I’ve heard Randy Backus, Jones, Jerry Chou…but none of these are real contenders. Jones just stepped down at SG. If he wanted to remain a head coach he would have stayed put. Chou doesn’t seem to be interested in being a walk on and Backus has about as much chance of coming back as I do of playing defensive end for Charter Oak next year.

One of the problems is, as it is for most schools, is that the coaching job doesn’t come with a teaching position. That severely limits your search. If nobody on campus is qualified then you are forced to hire a walk on. And how many quality coaches want to take the job as a walk on?

Here’s what we do know about Temple City. Athletic Director John Van De Veere has stated that the job is open in house until March 25. After that it will fly to the public, according to a source.  “As of right now the job is wide open,” the source added.

All interested coaches: Get those resumes ready.      

 At Alhambra, the hire of Lou Torres was smooth. Torres was already on campus. In fact he was the Athletic Director. At San Gabriel Jude Oliva was Jones’ OC and he was on campus as well. Once again it was an easy transition. The TC situation seems anything but smooth.  

Former Temple City assistant coach, Zeke Prado, who has had several coaching stops including three seasons as a paid assistant at Dakota Wesleyan University in South Dakota, is apparently headed back to San Gabriel to work as an assistant on Oliva’s staff. Matador running back Arthur Brown is Prado’s nephew. I thought Prado would have been a good fit at TC.

In case you have forgotten, I know I did, the Workman and Bassett jobs are open as well. Zeke?  

Good interview with San Gabriel quarterback Isaac Valdez last week on the Mid Valley Sports Show. Valdez, who will be attending Iowa Wesleyan University on a football scholarship beginning this fall, has a career in broadcasting once his football playing days are over.

Note to Schurr’s Carlos Arredondo. Hey bro we still want you on the show but your cell phone is dead! Drop us a line so we can set it up.

That’s my principle.  

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