Fanview Lite: March 17, 2010

“Good for the Almont,” said Rosemead HC Matt Koffler. “Nothing in the playoffs is guaranteed anyways..."

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T-Minus-176 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

I was hard on Villathedevil last night…mostly because I don’t like the JV interrupting the varsity…but his question of determining the final four at large births is a valid one. Will it be overall record? League record? Strength of schedule? Points allowed?

There are a lot of factors and I can appreciate the concerns of those who don’t like things in the hands of selectors…I am very libertarian in this as well…but my contention back is at least now there can be debate and discussion on who should be in.

I do not want to continue to take shots at the Montview or the MVL, but are you honestly saying the third and fourth place teams in the Montview or the third place team in the MVL, in 2009, were better than a fourth place 5-4-1 Temple City team that also finished 3-2 in the Rio Hondo? And there was no discussion, there was no debate or consideration…the moment La Canada’s Rocky Moore completed the two-point pass to Michael Arkfeld TC was turning in its gear.

It’s not perfect, but it is better. That’s how I feel. If I was coaching a team, I might feel a little bit different because the division is going to be ever so competitive…It will be ten weeks of war…

Great reactions have come in from coaches in the Mid-Valley Division regarding the realignment.

“I think it’s great,” said San Dimas HC Bill Zernickow yesterday. “No more fourth place wild cards.”

The comments continued to roll in last night and today:

“I think the Almont coming in is good, they are a good league. I know some Rio Hondo teams play Almont teams and the games are always competitive. The new format should be interesting…and how they pick the at large teams,” said San Marino HC D.R. Moreland.

“It just got that much harder for us to make the playoffs,” said El Monte HC Joel Sanchez. “But if we want to make a run in the playoffs we have to be able and compete with Arroyo and Rosemead for a top spot. As far as the other leagues I will worry about them when we make the playoffs. Our first three games this year now will be huge. La Puente, Covina and Gladstone will also be like us trying to fight for a playoff spot and possibly an at large berth.”

“I understand that CIF has a very tough job,” said Covina HC Darryl Thomas. “For this re-divisioning cycle, 19 leagues increased to 7 or 8 team leagues which making it difficult to make the 13 divisions work. They were looking at making a new division, but obviously they did not go with that.

“To answer your question I am not happy about bringing a league into our division which averages over 2900 students in enrollment. Our average size in the Valle Vista is about 1700. Another reason, and is really the main reason, why I dislike this is because we went from six schools in the Valle Vista to seven and we lose an automatic bid to the CIF playoffs because of it.

“Since the Mid-Valley now has six leagues in it each league is only guaranteed two automatic entries. The remaining four entries will come from wildcard entries. The coaches in our league feel that we got bigger, but lost an automatic spot in the playoffs. This really does not make any sense. Had we known this, I for one, would have pushed to remain a 6 school league.  (I guess it is a lesson in knowing all of the ends and outs of the CIF Bluebook.) With all that being said, we still have to play and the Colts are looking forward to the challenge.”

“I am pleased with the new Mid-Valley Division,” said San Gabriel HC Jude Oliva. “It has a great local feel to the division with the possibility of great local match ups. I know it will be great for the surrounding communities and high schools. I also feel that the local reporters are also pleased with the re-alignment. We are excited to compete in this new division. The two spots for the Almont will only raise the level of competition in our already tough league. This will provide even more intense and exciting football. The four at large bids still gives everyone a great chance to get one of the spots. I just hope strength of schedule is a factor in this!”

“Good for the Almont,” said Rosemead HC Matt Koffler. “Nothing in the playoffs is guaranteed anyways. I do not like that only two teams get in and have four at large teams though.”

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