Fanview Lite: April 29, 2010

The Saints' Allen Brown returns to the San Dimas offensive line in 2010

T-Minus-133 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Evening!

As of this writing its the top of the ninth at Dodger Stadium and the Pirates are leading 2-0 with a runner on first…Have I ever mentioned I’ve been a Tampa Bay fan since they came into the American League back in 1975 and fell late in the pennant race in 1977 when Rico Carty and Ralph Garr got hurt down the stretch?

About a year ago at this time we were all wondering how San Dimas was going to be in 2009. Nico Barbone and a ton of talent was graduating…

The Mid: Coach Zernickow, how’s it looking this year?

Zernickow: We’re going to be okay.

That was last year, a CIF title later, and his entire front wall, featuring the likes of Allen Brown, Chris Miller, Alec Zennar and Adrian Guerra (Lil help? I’m forgetting one), returns. The talented Jordan Taylor is expected to move into the backfield with Dillon Corona, and on top of all that Coach Z. gets Shawn Kennedy back at quarterback.

What is he going to say to us when spring practice opens on May 10?

The Mid: Coach Zernickow, you’ll be the defending CIF champions you’re really going to have a target on your back this season. How do you expect it to go?

Zernickow: We’re going to be okay.

The Saints non-league schedule includes the big one against Bonita in Zero Week, South El Monte, Rancho Cucamonga, and, for the third time in one calendar year, Monrovia.

Got a message from a source today that El Monte Unified (Which includes, El Monte, Mt.View, South El Monte, Arroyo, and Rosemead) is considering dropping freshman and junior varsity football. They are citing the expense of officials and transportation as part of the reason.

What this would mean is expanded varsity rosters…for sure. But couldn’t it also open the door in the future for JV football on Thursday afternoons in the spring? Most, if not all, stadiums are secure enough to charge a nominal fee. People would come. We would cover it. More importantly focused teaching of the game would go on. The head coaches could farm the hands on operations to their staff and eyeball as well as appraise the talent in their program.

No playoffs, no trophies, no all league selections, no out of area games, no banquet… This could work…

Bassett found its head coach in Craig Cieslik.

“This guy will do a good job,” former Bassett HC Pete Smolin told us. Cieslik runs the double-wing.

Speaking of the double-wing, that is the offense Mt. View Vikings HC Junkyard James Wilson plans on running this fall.

Thanks Diamond Ranch Panther fans for pointing out that cornerback Aaron Almond is getting serious interest from several PAC 10 schools and already has an offer on the table from San Jose State.

…But I’m still not leaning D-Ranch in the Hacienda.

Sounds like this could work…Mmm?

“Okay,I’ll have to agree.It is a pretty good gig,” said Arroyo golf coach Doug Stevens. “Want to come cover league finals next Tuesday? They make the reporters play too!”

68? The NCAA basketball tournament is now 68 teams. I was pushing for 81, I don’t know what was wrong with that number. 107! 99!

Looking foward to seeing Steven Rivera throw for Arroyo this coming Saturday…and seeing who Jude Oliva trots out first for San Gabriel.

I haven’t been a Donovan McNabb fan, but he’s a good (not great) quarterback. What I don’t understand is the Philadelphia Eagles fascination with Kevin Kolb.

Whatever…what do I care…I’ve got a once in a lifetime quarterback in Sam Bradford playing for the Rams right?

Stay thirsty my friends…


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