Fanview Lite: May 15, 2010

From left to right: "The Suave One", "His Arroyo Baldness", and Coach O.

T-Minus-117 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Afternoon!

I think the player flying under the radar in the Suns-Lakers game Monday night is Dick Van Arsdale. Love the way he works with Walter Davis and Alvin Adams, this is why I like Phoenix in six.

Dai Dai McFadden, a wide receiver/defensive back who scored nine touchdowns for Crescenta Valley in 2009, has transfered to Muir and will be on the football field this fall.

At Pasadena, former Temple City freshman standout Brandon Cox, will be playing for the Bulldogs this fall.

Buzz is building on Pomona Red Devil cornerback Jamal Overton.

Expect the final details to be worked out on Mike McFarland, the new TC HC, on May 26th which is the next time the TCUSD meets.

Talking to a pair of assistant coaches today I listened how they shared their frustrations with things like finger printing.

“I think its a good thing you need to be finger printed,” said one. “But I’m enrolling in the police academy and had my finger prints cleared by the FBI. The FBI! And it wasn’t good enough.”

“Every district I’ve worked on, makes you take it over again,” said the other assistant. “They don’t transfer them. It’s a pain in the neck.”

McFarland has been re-scheduled for “The Mid Valley Sports Show”, he’ll be on after he’s made official by the district.

The four-way toss at San Gabriel this morning included Hollywood High, El Cid’s Roosevelt squad, Arroyo, and the host SG Matadors.

Everything went as expected including the Knights Sam Torres and the Mats Mark Covarrubias introducing themselves to each other on a pass down field. Later SG’s Alex Villalobos and Arroyo quarterback Steven Rivera came together on a deep throw. Villalobos was the receiver, who made the catch…Rivera the defensive back.

Rivera always looks good throwing the ball…this morning he looked good picking off at least five while playing safety.

Area people should know a little more about the Knights' Sam Torres

“Wow,” said one teammate after Rivera stole two back to back against the Roughriders. “He throws pics and he makes pics.”

Hey, Jim Singiser, what are the chances of Rivera starting as a defensive back?

“The second I put Rivera in at DB, (Chris) MacMillan throws down his headset and goes up into the stands to watch the rest of the (deleted expletive) game,” said His Arroyo


(Chris MacMillan is the Knights OC)

The the past came up. Coaches never forget.

“Hey that dude should never throw the ball in public again,” said San Gabriel HC Jude Oliva about Mid Valley staffer Tim Peterson, who he saw throwing the ball on the sidelines during halftime of the Army Fiesta Bowl two years go. “He’s a nice guy, but…NO!”

I asked Oliva if I fit the mold of a quarterback for his San Gabriel alumni flag football game on June 10th.

“Yeah, you got the body type of an alumni,” Oliva said. “We can let you Q for a series.”

“It will be three plays and an oxygen tank,” said His Arroyo Baldness about the outcome of my performance.

Of course if I could get into that alumni game, make a play, just one play, I could probably guilt Singiser into springing for Bunch-a-Lunch over at Shakeys.

Far be it from me to rat someone out, but an assistant coach from San Gabriel will be in attendance at the Justin Bieber concert tonight. He says he’s doing it for his kids, but… I don’t know… I won’t say who it is but he has two first names…

Arroyo's Steven Rivera with pick number three of five.

Usually I enjoy “In the Huddle” on ESPN…it can make a Saturday afternoon drive pretty dog gone good…but I couldn’t believe John Clayton today was swinging the bat in trying make us understand that poor Albert Haynesworth, who has missed for off season workouts than school days missed by me when attending El Monte, has a point in his protest..

Haynesworth doesn’t want to play in a 3-4 defense, he wants to play in the 4-3 defense he thought he was going to play in when he signed with the Washington Redskins. So there’s the problem. However, taking 32-million bucks in guaranteed dough from owner Daniel Snyder has not been a problem.

Haynesworth is a bum, the Redskins should have done a better psych eval before signing him.

I could understand it if Haynesworth was early in his career and thought a position or philosphy change in defense would effect him financially in the long run. I can understand when a baseball player, early in his career, frets about batting lead off as opposed to the three-slot.

But Haynesworth has made his bread, 32-plus-million to be exact, can’t he think of the team? Bum. And attempting to defend him makes one look foolish with 9.9 unemployment nationally.

I’m for guys making all they can. I’m for high profits for business guys and I’m for high profits for ball players….But please…the Houston Astros are paying Carlos Lee 18-million this year.

I wonder what Blue State think about the idea of sending Manny Ramirez to the Seattle Mariners for Cliff Lee?

My aunt Virginia went to be with the Lord last night at about 7:30. She was my mom’s twin. How does that relate to sports? In the large sense it doesn’t. In a small sense it is a reminder of how fleeting life is. My grandfather was born in 1882 and his last child past away on May 14, 2010. A long span of life, yes, but It’s over now. You have today, but once today is over, it never comes again. As the old saying goes; today can change tomorrow, but tomorrow can only reflect on what came before it.

Take nothing for granted.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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