Fanview Lite: May 14, 2010

Lawrence Phillips is one reason folks in the know are talking Muir in 2010

T-Minus-118 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Morning!

Thirty five bowl games, yeah…that protects the integrity of the NCAA’s college bowl system. No need for playoff here when you can have 74 people show up for the Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl… All large seats are only five bucks.

We’ve already been credentialed for the Bako Bowl in Bakersfield…and oh what an exciting time it will be!

Northview and new HC Marcel Perez hit the field next Wednesday. Are they excited after a 1-9 season?

“We sure are,” says Perez. “Just cant wait to get started.”

Disappointed. Sort of expected Houston Texan linebacker Brian Cushing to come clean like all of the athletes before him…Schucks (or is that shucks!)!

Really enjoyed the Steven Rivera highlight video…Nice piece of editing, loved the way the game winning touchdown pass against Temple City was saved for the end.

Why is it the throwing motion of a southpaw looks cooler than the rest?

The word being breathed in the Pacific….Muir. The name being mentioned: Lawrence Phillips.

The Kansas City Royals fired Trey Hillman yesterday. So where do they go from here? My guess would be back to the kiosk at the mall. “Excuse me sir, would you like to manage a Major League Baseball team?”

“What are you offering with hit?”

“Well we can give you this new phone.”

In the mood for some track…How about you?

Then again I’d sooner hold my breath to find out where LeBron James is going to play next year…Or I’d rather get all excited and go to a yawning festival.

Never thought I would say this but; Go Celtics!

I probably should be put on some sort of administrative leave. I told some folks at Arcadia I would be there Thursday afternoon. I loaded up the camera, the notebook, the pen, made the drive, found the parking, negotiated the ruins of Salter Stadium, and a softball game against CV, found the football field, and the Apaches working out.

Jon Dimalante’s crew looked as efficient as always. Randy Backus throws me a wave. Former starting quarterback Nick Ponce is there, looking at extremely fit, and helping out. I was in Heaven, I was ready to snap some shots…

Except when I loaded my camera, while remembering the card, I forgot to load the battery. So I took some brief notes and slinked away. A man with no camera, is no man.

One note I did come away with, was the lack of girth in regards to the Apache lineman. It’s early and probably just an optical thing but roster wise as well, they just weren’t out there. I’m told some large fellas would be coming up from the JV.

Rodney Arnett is ready to have a big year.

Add Arcadia: Did you know since Audarrius Bailey strung together three consecutive thousand-yard seasons (2003-2005) the Apaches have had only one back reach a thousand-yards since? Troy Amhaz, 1,318-yards, in 2007.

Former Temple City offensive coordinator Michael McKay told me it was a official Wednesday night, that he was officially the quarterbacks coach at Montebello.

Former Burroughs girls basketball star and current Whittier College standout Kourtney Zilbert is 21 today.

Last Add LeBron: I think if King James signed with Memphis I would become his number one fan.

Last Add Arcadia: Did not see him yesterday, I was too busy cursing my existence for forgetting the battery to my camera, but I’ve been told Myles Carr looks terrific at quarterback.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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