The Peterson Principle: 1/30/2021

By Tim Peterson

It’s been almost a week and I’m still trying to figure out what Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur was thinking.

You’re down eight points and on the Tampa Bay 8-yard line on fourth down with just over two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. So you’re going to need a touchdown somewhere along the line anyway. Three points still you leaves needing a touchdown to win. Even if it fails you have the Bucs pinned inside their own ten yard-line.  

So do you kick a field goal and give the ball back to arguably the best quarterback to ever put on the uniform to do you go for it with your quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, who last I checked isn’t too bad himself? I turned to a couple of friends I was watching the game with and jokingly said, “Watch, so LaFleur will bring in Mason Crosby and kick a field goal.” We all had a good laugh but two minutes later LaFleur was doing exactly that. And of course Green Bay never saw the ball again.   

At that point we all said, ‘That’s game.” I think everybody said “That’s game.” Everybody except Matt LaFleur. The Packers made some mistakes. Rodgers could have ran for touchdown and did throw a pick. And of course the blown coverage at the end of the first half that Tom Brady turned into a touchdown. That play cost Green Bay DC Mike Pettine his job.

But you can survive some mistakes. Heck, Brady threw three picks. Calls like that however, you can’t survive. When the game is there, right in front you, you need to take it. You play to win, you don’t play not to lose. LaFleur played not to lose and, of course, he lost. 

Last thing on LaFleur’s call. Usually on a coach’s decision in a big game like that the opinions are about 50-50. Half of the people will think it’s a good call and half won’t. In the last week I haven’t read or seen or even heard of one person who thought LaFleur made the right call. Unanimously bad.     

Speaking of Brady, he’s not what he was three or four years ago. he’s still better than probably 90 percent of the quarterbacks in the league but he’s not MVP type Brady. He survived three interceptions due to the Packers miscues. That won’t be so easy against Kansas City. 

I still have another week to decide but if the Super Bowl was set to be played tomorrow I’d go with the Chiefs. If the Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes they have the advantage. I thought last week that if he was out Buffalo had the edge. Mahomes played and that put them over the top. Mahomes is better than Brady right now. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Andy Reid is calling the plays and not LaFleur. Kansas City by a touchdown.     


The Rams aren’t getting Deshaun Watson and despite the rumors, even with LaFleur still in place, Rodgers isn’t going anywhere. Now if you’re talking Matthew Stafford, there’s going to be a conversation. Current Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes was a Rams executive before taking the Lions job this month and he has a working relationship with Rams GM Les Snead. Snead has said as well that it would be possible to work out a deal. Jared Goff could use a fresh start and the Rams could use…well…a better quarterback. Stafford is better. Make it happen. Update: ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Saturday night that the Lions are trading Stafford to the Rams for Goff, two future first round picks, and a third round pick.    


Another thing I’d like to see happen is a high school football season. I mean c’mon I can only do a “One Year Ago” series for so long. Former Arroyo head coach Jim Singiser laid out what he called “a map” this week on Twitter. 

“5 games as it stands now: 1st game by 3/19. Pads by 3/1. 4 weeks to go from Purple to Red to Orange and from Phase 1 (for most schools) of Return to Play Protocols to Unrestricted Practice in pads. That’s 24 days if you restart on 2/1,” he tweeted. 

I started to get pumped for a spring season but after questioning him further in the same conversation he wrote this. “We will resume FB pods when it’s safe & stay in them because we see the benefits for kids to be out there conditioning while adhering to County guidelines. For the EMUHSD: Purple to Orange to Red & Phase 1 to Pads in 24 days couldn’t be done safely.”

Oh well, we all can dream right. Circle August 2021 on your calendars. Meanwhile I’ll be working my “Two Years Ago” series. 

That’s my principle. 

I can be reached at or on Twitter @tspeterson40. 


4 Comments to "The Peterson Principle: 1/30/2021"

  1. Ron Vrooman, AHS stat man's Gravatar Ron Vrooman, AHS stat man
    February 1, 2021 - 1:55 pm | Permalink

    @ Question Mark: I’ll be ready to go back to substitute teaching as soon as my second Covid-19 vaccination has had time to take full effect. (I’m still waiting to receive my first shot, though…)
    Getting vaccine doses manufactured at a higher rate and then administering the shots a lot faster will be vital in knocking down the virus and all of its variants. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine and others will be hitting the market in the near future, and that should help.
    The refusal by some to wear face masks, even in hard-hit Southern California, is bewildering. Ignorance and selfishness are masquerading as an exercise of “personal freedom.” I’d like those individuals to respect our right to avoid unnecessary illness or death.
    I really believe that an August reopening is possible, but in order for that to happen, the vaccine rollout will have to pick up momentum and we’ll need better compliance on mask-wearing and social distancing. You made excellent points there.

  2. SoCal's Gravatar SoCal
    February 1, 2021 - 11:50 am | Permalink

    I think the Rams made the right trade for Stafford. He is an upgrade from Goff, the Rams will be okay next year.
    In another topic on football, is why Eric Bieniemy hasn’t got hired yet as a head coach. Obviously I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and I know a lot people that played with Eric and against him. They had nothing good to say about Eric and what they said he has to over come his personality deficit.

  3. ?'s Gravatar ?
    January 31, 2021 - 8:24 pm | Permalink

    Sadly in regards to Covid the bad news is always worse than predicted. The vaccine good news is always longer waits for enough vaccines and not as effective as predicted and we still know very little about the varients except they help spread a more deadly type of Covid faster. Places like Australia still mask up and not shut down but lock down when a infection shows up. We here in Socal open up the minute the dying gets a little slower and many people in the OC and in the SGV still refuse to wear masks. August is a bad bet. One of these 4 big varients is going to put us back to square one and teachers unions will fight not to reopen schools out of fear. The job of the future is Child Psychology.

  4. Ron Vrooman, AHS stat man's Gravatar Ron Vrooman, AHS stat man
    January 30, 2021 - 10:45 pm | Permalink

    Yes, Tim, it’s starting to look like “wait until August” for the resumption of on-campus instruction and high school sports here in the L.A. area.
    At the very least, all teachers, administrators, and school staffers will have to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in order for the schools to safely reopen. It might possibly be a good idea to vaccinate students who are 16 to 18 years of age as well, since they’re really young adults. (One of the vaccines—I believe the Moderna one–is available to people in that age group.)
    I also think all students will have to be tested for Covid before they can return to school, since it was discovered early on that younger children are the most likely to carry the virus asymptomatically. And, sadly, they can infect adult family members and school employees.
    Both the vaccination and testing efforts are going to be massive undertakings, and I wouldn’t be surprised if students will have to be tested periodically even after school resumes.
    This whole thing is going to take months.
    Just to illustrate: I’m in Phase 1B of the vaccine rollout because I’m a substitute teacher (and I also just turned 65), but the earliest time at which I’m likely to get my first shot will be in mid-February. Then, it would probably be mid-March before I could get my follow-up vaccination. (And I could be one of the luckier ones.)
    Single-shot vaccines for Covid-19 have been developed, but they’re still at least a few weeks away.
    I agree that circling August 2021 on the calendar is a good idea. That could be the most realistic scenario for us to do a full-scale reset. We can all hopefully go back to work, school, and many of our other normal activities by then.
    It would be great if we could accomplish some of those things sooner, but I suspect that it will take longer.

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