Old School Mid Valley Pre-Season Top 12

Few things say "Old School Mid Valley" better than Arroyo-Rosemead, Vasquez and Fregoso.

As if we were going to abandon our Old School roots? Please. These were the original twelve teams we covered at The Mid…they will always be the original twelve and there will never be an expansion into the Old School. Even though we have expanded our coverage base, the Old School is locked in history and time.

We love them…

1.) Monrovia Wildcats: Yeah, back to back playoff runs with the bulk of your performers returning has tendency to give you a number one ranking. Derrick Johnson is “bad dude” in residence.

2.) San Gabriel Matadors: New coach, new quarterback, but eight of eleven defenders returning including Carlos Purser. Randy Sanchez calling the defense, so, yeah, we like these guys.

3.) Arroyo Knights: They would be the first to say the summer was on again off again. Might be primed for their best defense in years. Guys like Vinny Martinez in the trenches make you think; “Yes” to number two…but not number one.

4.) Arcadia Apaches: Two tough years, but Myles Carr to Taylor Lagace for the next two years should begin to sound like “Manning to Harrison”…Back to the playoffs in 2010, Rodney Arnett ready to roll.

5.) Rosemead Panthers: Matt Fregoso is a “Miracle Man”, but the only one on the roster. Panthers are more like the boxer who will maneuver you into a corner and trade punches, hoping to wear you down. Double-tights run down your throat can be a powerful persuader.

6.) El Monte Lions: Sure 2009 was forgettable, but gonna dancing with the alma mater. Was concerned about running back but am sold on Michael Jimenez. Don’t mess around with the Lions, or they will blow up on you.

7.) Temple City Rams: They will not win the Rio Hondo, but it would be foolish to think with all the transition that a team featuring Carlos “Motor” Mota, Tim Sanderson, and Josh Simangunsong can’t bite you or won’t be competitive.

8.) Alhambra Moors: This isn’t shaping into the most promising of all seasons for The Alhambra…but Demetrius Russell is very likable on the field and Chris Salgado, along with Dominic Gonzalez, make the offensive line punishing.

9.) South El Monte: In Ray Hernandez’s second year at La Puente he won the Montview. In his first year at South he squeaked an undermanned, outgunned, Eagles team into the playoffs. So don’t discount the Southmen. Anxious to see southpaw Henry Mascorro at quarterback.

10.) Mountain View: The Vikings will be running the double-wing this fall and there is some talent to do it. It may not be well oiled, but a ball control club with a respectable defense could go a long way in the Mission Valley. Jason Cordero is key.

11.) Gabrielino Eagles: Demographics, plus the rise of the San Gabriel program, have put a dagger in the Tongva Nation. Isaac Garcia is expected to be the starter at quarterback for Harold Sanin’s squad.

12.) Duarte Falcons: Fast rises and hard falls are nothing new in the history of Falcons football…and a program with Tip Sanders in his second year usually starts to climb, but we’ll have to see before we start proclaiming a resurrection.

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