Fanview Lite: August 20, 2010

Wilson running back Moises Vega would appreciate it if Coach Zavala could have the grass on the practice field watered daily. It's a little dry.

T-Minus-20 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Afternoon!

Smudge Pot #6: October 15, 1977 at Mt. Sac (1:P.M.)

Both Bonita and San Dimas were winless coming into this game. The teams then played to a scoreless first quarter, but in the second Perry Aris (following up his fine performance in 1976) scored on a one-yard run to give the Saints the lead at halftime.

In the third quarter SD iced a 13-0 victory on Von Suchanek’s 11-yard run to finish the scoring.

Former SEM Southman Phil Toleafoa, who spent the last two years at Fullerton College, has signed to play outside linebacker at the University of Utah. Toleafoa becomes the third player from South’s 2005 semifinal team to sign at a Division I school. Joe Morales is playing linebacker this year at Ohio University and Lee Aguirre is set to start his second year in the BYU defensive backfield.

I Knew it!

Rosemead Lady Panther basketball Coach Jay Gauthier spent Thursday night enjoying High School Musical III… and claims to have seen each of the previous High School Musical films ten times… I’m now very concerned, even though Gauthier says he expects his 2010-2011 squad to be one of his fastest ever.

Since we’re talking basketball… El Monte has named Eric Tabatabai, the cousin of Lady Lions HC and football OC Brian Tabatabai, as its new boys basketball coach. Eric Tabatabai was an All-CIF player at Rowland and played his college ball at Whittier. He is 21 years old.


“I got that all summer…”

That’s what Sierra Vista football HC Keith Locklear said to me yesterday when I apologized for The Mid’s mistake in saying he had stepped down as the Dons head football coach.

“I had everyone asking me if I had because there was confusion about me stepping down as the girls basketball coach, but no big deal.”


“Hey Coach, you really need to get some water on the grass,” said Wilson running back Moises Vega. “I gets really dry out here.”

“Yeah Coach, get some water on there,” said linebacker Gus Gomez.

Both players were addressing Wildcat HC Brian Zavala during conditioning drills Friday morning.

“Yes sirs,” said Zavala. “I’ll get that taken care of for you guys right away.”

Did you catch Les Carpenter’s column about Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow on Yahoo? Basically he blasted Tebow for not looking like a pro quarterback when he slammed through two Bengals to get to paydirt on the last play of a preseason game.

If Tebow had thrown an incompletion Carpenter would have riddled for not being ready to pass in the NFL. If he had gone cheap and pulled up when running toward the goal line, Carpenter would have bagged on him for punking out.

All the jackwagons like Carpenter have done is make Tim Tebow one of my favorite players, and one of Amercia’s favorite football players. A lot of lousy quarterbacks have been drafted and flunked out of the NFL…and Tebow very well could be one of them…but let’s not kid ourselves the attitude against Tebow is strictly based on his faith.

Brett Favre has been protected for years…He is the reason Green Bay in 2007 and Minnesota in 2009 did not go to the Super Bowl…He’s been reckless for years, but remains a media darling. Donovan McNabb has always been protected by ESPN…Tom Jackson does more kiester kissing about the very good, but not great, McNabb than anybody on the planet…No one ever ran away from the overhyped, overrated Michael Vick until his involvement in dog-fighting came to light.

And Tebow? Much of the media is attempting to make him a failure, before he even gets a chance to fail. Let his lousy mechanics and lack of time under center tell the tale on this kid…not the scriptures on his eye black, not his pro-life believes, or his openess about a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Walnut HC Michael O’Shields said that stipends for coaches in his football program went from 12 to one this season.

Did you know that former Walnut football head coaches Ken Gunn, Jerry Dutton, Jerry Person are currently assisting in the Mustang program?

Last Add Walnut: Former Mustang offensive line stud, Sean Sheller, is expected to start and have a big year for UCLA…And to Sheller’s credit he’s kept in touch with O’Shields and the Mustang program.

Oh, I have always been a Ted Lily fan…and right now he looks like Ron Guidry to me.

Really Last Add Walnut: Much of the talk about Aubrey Coleman has been about his hands, being a receiver, but he was much more physical than I anticipated before seeing him up close today.

“Football Rush Week” is coming…August 23-27.—Including: Jim Singiser, Matt Koffler, Sergio Gradilla, Chris Long, Craig Snyder, Mike Maggiore, Jim Arellanes, Brian Zavala, Darryl Thomas, Jim Arnold, Mike McFarland…and more…

Stay thirsty my friends…


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