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Catching up with Manny Acosta

Love stories like this…Back in the day we used to cover Little League and one of the seven leagues that we covered was South El Monte National that played at New Temple Park. Manny Acosta played shortstop and pitched for the SEM National Pirates and had the word “potential” written all over him.

Acosta Finishes Successful Season at Cal State LA

(Los Angeles) – We have been covering Manny Acosta since he played little league for the Pirates at New Temple Park to his high school days at South El Monte and then as he went on to college at Cal State Los Angeles. Here’s a quick update on his freshman year.         

Catching up with Manny Acosta

(Los Angeles) – It’s interesting to follow a kid’s athletic career after you covered him in high school. It’s even more interesting to see how he is doing when you’ve covered him since little league.