MLB Takes Over Dodgers: McCourt Out!

Where have you gone Peter O'Malley? Dodger fans turn their lonely eyes to you.

Major League Baseball announced Wednesday afternoon that it was taking control of the Los Angeles Dodgers daily operations, removing Frank McCourt from the management of the club.

From the latest incident on opening day to the ongoing financial troubles of McCourt few things, up top, have been right in Chavez Ravine since the departure of Peter O’Malley.

Branch Rickey gave us Jackie Robinson

Walter O'Malley brought the Dodgers to Los Angeles.

Peter O'Malley kept the ship steady, stable, and oversaw two World Series titles. His vision to build a football stadium in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium would have placed an NFL team in LA by the early 2000's. Instead he and Angelenos were shafted by Mayor Richard Riordan and scumbag politics.

...And of course Frank McCourt

Could this guy save the Dodgers?

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