Breaking News: They were Throwing at Arroyo!

QB Edgar Jimenez is now "the guy" at Schurr

(El Monte) – Arroyo, Alhambra, Maranatha, SGV Shootout Champion Diamond Bar and Schurr tossed it around behind B.L. Bergstom Stadium on Thursday. It’s become as common as the morning sunrise to see teams thowing at Arroyo but as long as I got a camera I’ll be there.

Bradley Powell could be Jimenez' go to guy

Schurr HC Ben Negrete

I did finally get to see Schurr and talked to Spartan Coach Ben Negrete about life without Aaron Cantu. Edgar Jimenez is the guy to fill Cantu’s shoes and has been doing exactly what Negrete and staff have wanted. “He’s a senior and he’s come up through the program. He’s earned that position,” Negrete said.  “He struggled a little early and we talked to him and told him what we expected and he’s responded well.”

If the NFL lockout continues, is this the Chargers next quarterback?

Maranatha's Darren Smith picked off a pass

Also keep an eye on Spartans WR/RB Bradley Powell. He’s a good one.   

Maranatha Coach Pete Karavedes called me the “road dog.” I’ll take that as a complement. I walked up just as Andrew Elfers was firing a long touchdown pass – a thing of beauty. “Oh you just got here? Yeah that’s what we’ve been doing everytime. We haven’t dropped any passes or anything. We look great,” Karavedes said.

And the Bubbas were there

Karavedes really likes Steven Rivera on the next level…as a safety. “He would be an absolute stud,” he said.    

Okay, who won this battle?

Arroyo's QB in waiting Brandon Jauregui

The lineman were there also. Arroyo line coaches Kenny Andrew and Randy Twist ran the bubbas through their paces.  Nothing like lineman in shirts and shorts trying to beat each other up. Always makes for some good shots.

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?

Ok when does the real season start?

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