The Peterson Principle 7/25/11

Vic "The Brick" Jacobs offers this guy some journalism tips

We’ve hit the dead period for several area high school football teams. Although there is no set dead period now with the new CIF rules in place most teams still go dark in late July and into early August.

They may be throwing in April now but many coaches don’t change at all when it comes to taking time off.  

“We don’t change anything,” Monrovia Coach Ryan Maddox told me in June. “We plan on playing into December, so if you don’t take that time off in August it makes for a long year.”

You may have seen the picture and information on Rosemead’s Sal Chavarin on the “Mid Spotlight” this week. He may look scary but according to teammates and coaches he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.

“He’s the nicest kid in the world off the field,” said Rosemead DC Marc Paramo. “We just need him to learn how to get mean on the field. He’s got a ton of potential.”

A message posted on the Hunter Duran “Mid Spotlight” story this week said “With the system Arroyo runs, they need linemen not receivers.”

Huh? With one of the best quarterbacks in the valley in Steven Rivera, isn’t it imperative that he has somebody to throw to? Well he does in Duran, Andre Kerkhoff and newcomer Brandon Jauregui. As far as the line, the Knights have a stud in Omar Partida, who bench pressed 225 pounds 21 times at the Arroyo linemen competition. Don’t worry “bigdog” they’ll be fine.

Speaking of the linemen comp, West Covina taking first there and bowing out early at the SGV Shootout the week before is just a precursor of things to come in 2011. I wonder what the Bulldogs will be doing on offense this year? It will be Aaron Salgado left, Jimmy Frazier right and a whole lot of Chris Solomon everywhere. And you can expect a large amount of pancakes.

Nice article by Eric Sondheimer on Crespi receiver Michael Davison in the LA Times Sunday. Davison, who stands only 5’2”, is a nightmare for opposing secondaries. I saw Davison last summer at a passing game at South Hills and he was remarkable. I got the scoop on him from Crespi staffer James Escarcega. He’s legit.

I like El Monte’s chances in the Mission Valley League. I really do. But I’m concerned that Brandon Martinez has been playing quarterback instead of returning starter Manuel Santa Cruz. In fact Santa Cruz didn’t take any reps at the SGV Shootout or a four way throw the previous week. Can the Lion faithful help me with this? Who’s the guy – Martinez or Santa Cruz? 

It seems like we beat a dead horse with this every year but when you look at the fate of El Monte, it’s a horse worth beating. In order for the Lions to be successful, (playoff berth), they must beat Arroyo, Rosemead or both. Last year they went into the final two games of the season 3-0 in the MVL before falling to Arroyo 40-7 and Rosemead 42-29. Even if they struggle in the non league contests they can assure themselves of a spot in the post season with a second place finish.

I know Mt. View made some noise last year (.500 record) and reports out of the Purple and Gold nation have the View ready to take the next step this year, but until they actually prove it I’m picking the Vikes fourth in the MVL. But yes Coach Junkyard James Wilson, we still want you to come on the show.

Yeah I know…George Frazier, DeSean Ramirez, Luke Williams, Ellis McCarthy…but I’m hearing another name coming out of M-Town…Brandon Wingenbach.

That’s my principle.

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