Fanview Lite: August 9, 2011

"Joe, your whole life is in front you!" ---Patricia Graynamore

Good Afternoon!

Can that be…? 

Can anyone have a birthday at this point in life and still feel like their entire life is in front of them?

When you’re young you count the years…then the months…then the weeks…and then when you hit my age you start counting the days…It’s simple at the mid-point of life, and just a little beyond, the days become more precious.

I’ve also noticed this when covering football…in the late 80’s and then again in the late 90’s I only saw the game…but as time went on I began to notice series, schemes, and eventually individual plays.

I knew the individual plays were always there, but I began to discern what one play added, took away, or became in the next. Each play became precious from its birth to its death. To the first few seconds of terror as former Arroyo center Kenny Andrew described after breaking huddle to an Efrain Oquendo exclamation point at the end.

Until the football player hangs up his helmet and pads (whether he plays offense, defense, or special teams) he always has another play.

In life, until we draw our last breath, we always have another day.

A bad day can be erased by a great one…A series of bad days can be corrected by a series well lived.

A bad play, built upon, re-examined, better executed can be turned into something special with the next snap.

So, yes, it can be said…safely, confidently…your whole life is in front of you.

It’s just the decision on how you want to execute your days and plays.

How much do we want to put into living a day right…How much effort do we want to put into making the play work…?

The key to the play is humbling yourself and listening to your coach. The key to the day, for me, is humbling myself and listening to my Savior.

The great coach is always concerned about the next play, with a thought towards the one after that.

The Savior, after he becomes just that, is only concerned about what is in front of you. Your next day and the plans he has for you…the plans to bless you and prosper you.

How many players have we known to struggle for three years only to have the light go on in that senior season…and that senior season is so special it outshines all the mediocrity coming before it.

Our own lives, how many of us wish our light would have gone on sooner? But one thing we do know, when the light went on there was no looking back.

So whether you are 80 or 8…15 or 150…our entire lives are in front of us. This is good news, this means we have another play, this means we have another day…This means we have another opportunity to be better than we were the day, or play, before.

The Dude abides…


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