Quick Scans 7/8/09

by John Scanlan

The most apropos statement I’ve heard regarding the Steve McNair situation: “Don’t do something you don’t want to get caught dead doing” (props to Chris Takeshita).

Today’s bit of sports media inanity: This actually appeared in the first paragraph in a story on ESPN.com: “LeBron James did not tell Trevor Ariza he would stay in Cleveland past 2010, according to sources close to the Cavaliers’ superstar — contradicting what a person close to Ariza said Monday night.”

So let me sort this out, an unnamed person close to James told ESPN that the person close to Ariza who said James had told Ariza he was staying in Cleveland was misinformed by Ariza what James said about his future in Cleveland?

Ladies and gentlemen, your worldwide leader in sports.

When I saw the headline, “Villanueva headed to Detroit”, I was filled with excitement and joy. Then they said it was Charlie joining the Pistons, not Andy joining the ranks of the unemployed.

Breaking News! Avery Johnson will not be the head coach of the Detroit Pistons. Really? It’s breaking news when someone DOESN’T get a job? This just in: Joe Torosian did not get the job of Fred Robledo’s lackey at the Trib.

I was going to talk about the dangers of restrictor plate racing here, but I actually wanted people to keep reading (if they actually ever started).

This year’s World Series of Poker main event is under way (sans yours truly) and the number of entrants is actually down from last year. However, it wasn’t from a lack of players. 500 players were denied the chance to play yesterday because the Rio was simply out of room. The opening day of the main event is staggered over 4 days. There was plenty of room on days 1-3, but many waited until Day 4 to attempt to join and were denied.

I’d trade James Loney for Adam Dunn. Sorry.

For the Dodgers, trading for Cliff Lee is about as realistic as Alec Baldwin holding public office.

If the Giants make a play for Matt Holliday, they could seal the Wild Card.

Is there anything on TV today?

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