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Fanview: October 1, 2016

By Joe Torosian “We’ll see the sun come up on sunday mornin’ And watch it fade the moon away I guess you know I’m givin’ you a warnin’ ‘Cause me and moon are itchin’ to play…”—Starbuck Kick it! Right off the Top: Some people get a zit and they freak out…I get a zit, and […]

Fanview Lite: March 26, 2014

“Sometimes, I say things I shouldn’t. I go berserk. If I were a university, I wouldn’t hire me.”—Al McGuire Kick it! Don’t get me wrong on the NCAA Tournament…While my interest isn’t at the street rat crazy level it used to be, it’s not as bad as boxing. In comparison to boxing the Tourney is […]

Fanview Lite: May 15, 2012

Kick it! Just for illumination remember that Arcadia has Jake Medel coming back at running back… …And Monrovia has everybody coming back in 2012.

Fanview Lite: June 27, 2011

Good Afternoon! Really? Do we really have to get this uptight about the Hall of Fame game? Bigger fish by far…It’s an exhibition game (AKA: Major Yawning Festival)…

The Peterson Principle 1/5/11

While sitting in the press box last Thursday night at Qualcomm Stadium watching the Holiday Bowl, a version of the old Dire Straits song kept popping into my head. “You get your football for nothing, you get your grubb for free. No that ain’t working.”

Fanview Lite: August 25, 2010

  T-Minus-15 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic” Good Afternoon!

Fanview Lite: June 23, 2010

T-Minus-77 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic” Good Afternoon!

Fanview Lite: January 21, 2010

Good Afternoon! T-Minus-242 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Fanview Lite: October 23, 2009

Good Afternoon!

Quick Scans 7/8/09

by John Scanlan