The Peterson Principle 12/19/11

Tim Peterson

High School football season ended last weekend with the crowning of Monrovia and West Covina as CIF Champions for the second straight year. All that’s left for them is the celebrations and parades.

Speaking of parades Monrovia Principal Darvin Jackson said he would recognize the Mid Valley News this year at the Championship Parade. And if not he would be buying me lunch at Chili’s in Monrovia.

The NFL is far from over however as they are finishing up week 14. It may have taken 14 weeks but the Green Bay Packers finally lost. I thought they would stumble at some point but not this week – not to the Kansas City Chiefs. But everybody has a bad day and it was Aaron Rogers’ time against the Chiefs. He missed some passes, the receivers missed some catches and the defense definitely missed some tackles and the Chiefs got some payback for that loss in Super Bowl 1.  

Drew Brees on the other hand had a great day with 412 yards and five touchdowns. The Saints improved to 11-3 and the LA Express advanced to the Championship game in the Mid Valley Perspective Fantasy Football League. That’s right I’m the owner of the LA Express and it’s my first trip to the big game.

I’m still not sure how to play it. Should I bring in my team early and let them enjoy the party for a week or does that open the door for Brees or LeSean McCoy or one of my other stars to screw up and miss the game. I think I’ll run a tight ship, install a curfew and bring them in the day before the game. Winning that first title isn’t easy.

It may have taken 14 weeks but the Indianapolis Colts finally won. Don’t worry Colt fans; Andrew Luck is still in play. Or will it be Matt Barkley? Regardless Indy will still be the first team to pick. The Colts are still only 1-13 and unless they win out in the next two weeks, they should be ok.

Colt Vice Chairman Bill Polian said after the game that Peyton Manning will not play again this year. Shocking, here I thought the Colts would lay it all on the line to get that all important second victory of the year.

The Chargers are dong what the Chargers do every year. They start slow, and then make a late season run into the playoffs. This year they waited until week 12 to start winning. After losing six straight to drop to 4-7, San Diego beat Jacksonville and Buffalo before blasting Baltimore Sunday to get to .500 at 7-7. With Oakland and Denver falling Sunday the Chargers are tied for second in the AFC West, only a game back of the Tebows.

Watching the Chargers and Phillip Rivers torch the Ravens’ defense, it’s hard to imagine them losing to Chicago (Week 11) or Kansas City (Week 8).

Speaking of the Tebows, the quarterback’s numbers weren’t too bad in a 41-23 loss to the Patriots. He rushed for 93 yards and two touchdowns and threw for 194 yards but he was sacked four times and Denver turned the ball over three times compared to none for New England.

Tom Brady clearly outplayed Tebow going 23 of 34 for 320 yards and two scores.

Final note on Monrovia: Ellis McCarthy, who is being by a wooed by number of schools including USC and UCLA, visited UCLA along with several other recruits to tour the campus and meet with Jim L. Mora. McCarthy’s decision is pending.

By the way, why does the new coach now go by Jim L. Mora while for years he was known as Jim Mora Jr.? Just wondering.  

That’s my principle.

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