Southeast Football Daily Tracking Poll: 6/1/2012

WestCo's Jimmy Frazier, with ball, directs Chris Guimmayen on his next block....Yeah, Frazier is graduating, but another favorite pic. Aaron Salgado should be doing similar damage in 2012.

It is up to you where your team goes from here. Leave a comment, send a tweet, message on FB, or drop a line through email. The more we learn about your team, the more they move up.

Yesterday’s surprise was Crescenta Valley along with Dominguez. Other schools did great with comments, emails, and we’re real big on names of players no one knows about but should.

Vote again in the online poll, drop some more info on us and watch your team climb. (numbers after school represent accumulated points)

1.) (5/31:#2) West Covina Bulldogs (67): Everyone complained now they’re in the top spot. Define why we should be excited about Noodles?

2.) (5/31:#20) Crescenta Valley Falcons (67): Hello Falcon faithful. You argued for the offensive line, now give us the names of those dudes in the trenches.

3.) (5/31:#1) La Mirada Matadores (60): Couldn’t believe fans of a team with quarterbacks, Johnny Hills and studs all over the place could be so gracious about another team being number one.

4.) (5/31:#5.) Dominguez Dons (44): I think the DDs were looking for love and found it in the Southeast.

5.) (5/31:#4.) La Serna Lancers (31): People respect Beltran’s group, but the fans were largely silent.

6.) (5/31:#3) Mayfair Monsoons (29): Hey what’s going on here? How does a team with Josh Anderson drop three spots?

7.) (5/31:#14) Arcadia Apaches (26): Up seven spots, but its the front seven of Eric Elias’ defense that will determine outcome for Apaches.

8.) (5/31:#6) Santa Fe Chiefs (25): No fans, but believers. A little support and the Chiefs could climb. Does SF suffer in the mindset because of post-season disappointments?

9.) (5/31:#7) Bonita Bearcats (25): Dropped two spots, folks want to know who the quarterback is going to be.

10.) (5/31:#9) Norwalk Lancers (24): The comments kept this program in the top ten, but  pre-Southeast playoff runs don’t count. Pro-Ceniceros here at The MID.

11.) (5/31:#10) Gahr Gladiators (24): People like this team, great comments. Needs to activate its fan base.

12.) (5/31:#12) Muir Mustangs (22): Broke even after the first day. You know why? Because come heck or high water the Mustang faithful always, always believe? Who is the quarterback?

13.) (5/31:#8) Bellflower Buccaneers (19): What in the name of Don Carfino is going on here? Down five spots?

14.) (5/31:#11) Diamond Bar Brahmas (18): Suffer from proximity to WC. Number two spot in the Hacienda is ripe for the taking.

15.) (5/31:#15) Pasadena Bulldogs (16): Brandon Cox picks up two more offers (Iowa State & Maryland), and PHS holds its own.

16.) (5/31:#18) Burroughs Indians (16): People love talking about Keith Knoop and the Tribe.

17.) (5/31:#13) Paramount Pirates (14): Another school with a Pirate mascot? Does anyone find this offensive?

18.) (5/31:#16) Diamond Ranch Panthers (14): Yesterday’s votes seem to be more about Roddy Layton than about Panther talent. Somebody from DR always ends up at one of the military academies.

19.) (5/31:#17) California Condors (13): Condors down six spots and Jim Arnold is doing cartwheels. If Cal falls out of the Top 25, Arnold buys Joe T. a free lunch.

20.) (5/31:#24) El Rancho Dons (12): Down with The Ranch, but can we have a name change? How about the “Bobs”?

21.) (5/31:#19) Downey Vikings (11): Big Tony the only one to mention the Vikes.

22.) (5/31:#23) Los Altos Conquerors (8): If the food is good tonight, these dudes are climbing. Priorities are straight here at The MID.

23.) (5/31:#22) Burbank Bulldogs (7): Folks may be selling the Bank short.

24.) (5/31:#UR) Glendale Nitros (6): Welcome to the Top 25 John Tuttle.

25.) (5/31:#21) Whittier Cardinals (5): Still off the rack…Still alive.

Others: Walnut (5), Lynwood, Warren (1), Pioneer, Hoover (2), Glenn, Artesia, Cerritos (2), Rowland (1).

The official Mid Valley Sports Top 25s will come out August 1st. Next “Southeast Daily Tracking Poll” will be posted Monday, June 4th.

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