Off The Cuff: September 11, 2009

Good news, bad news for Dodger fans last night.

We will go with the bad and inform you that the Rockies won again. The Los Angeles lead is now a two-game lead.

On the bright side, Dodgers didn’t drop another game playing. That may have had something to do with the travel day and not having to play.

The Dodgers play three crucial games against San Francisco. Winning two of three is very key for them to win the division.

Scanlan brought up the remainder of the Dodgers schedule and frankly it should scare fans. The Padres play Los Angeles tough, San Francisco won’t lie down, and Colorado has everything to play for.

Down in the Orange County, the Angels keep winning games they should. Pitchers should watch John Lackey’s performance last evening to see how to work quick and make the game short.

Usually two hours and three minute games are reserved for the National League.

Had a chance to see Sierra Vista and Hoover last evening.

What Tornadoes coach Christopher Long is trying to do in the Glendale area is admirable. With last night’s loss Hoover has now dropped 21-games straight.

Last season, Long could have bolted but believes that this team is headed in the right direction.

The same can be said for standout-injured quarterback A.J. Pule who addressed the Tornadoes after the loss and informed them that they should keep their heads held high.

Can’t disagree with that statement. After giving up a early score, Hoover could have easily done the “woe is me. Sky is falling” scenario. They decided to fight and dropped a heartbreaker.

Tonight, I will be at La Salle to cover a budding rivalry when the Marantha takes on the Lancers.

Again, if you are in attendance. Feel free to heckle.

Until next time.

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