Old School Mid Valley Top 12: October 27, 2009

Mead's Luis Diaz not only plays like a football player, he looks like one.

Mead's Luis Diaz not only plays like a football player, he looks like one.

San Gabriel and Alhambra, if not for all the marbles, at least a lot of marbles. Neither of these teams have been respected, but have shown grit through less than perfect seasons. Look for the Knights to lay waste to the rest of the MVL. Arcadia can still make the playoffs. Old School Mid Valley appears weekly at www.midvalleysports.com

1.) Monrovia: Derrick Johnson and the Cats convincingly affirmed their spot at the top after road win at TC.

2.) Arroyo: There’s Knight Time, Prime Time, Game Time, and now “Miller Time”!

3.) Alhambra: Joseph Becerra playing big for the Moors at receiver, but Alham needs to get more than two-yards a crack from its running game.

4.) Temple City: Seven weeks in and brain freezes are still killing a very good team.

4.) San Gabriel: The road warriors (4-0 away) will have their fate decided the next three weeks…all at home. One win, they are in.

6.) Rosemead: Locked in at six. Playoff success only ladder up. Greg Parham all Mid-Valley talent with 10-catches, 4 touchdowns.

7.) Arcadia: Nearly pulled the rug from under Burroughs last Friday…Taylor Lagace makes them a constant threat.

8.) South El Monte: They ain’t whistling Dixie down at “The Swamp”…Don’t doubt the South.

9.) Gabrielino:  Experience at Arroyo was a big OUCH! But these guys can still dream CIF.

10.) El Monte: Season currently rests in a pine box, earth is starting to be shoveled.

11.) Mt. View: “To fight the horde, singing and crying: Valhalla, I am coming!”

12.) Duarte: This Falcon crisis, like all others, will pass.

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