Fanview Lite: April 22, 2014

Joe T.

Joe T.

“Why wait any longer for the one you love

When he’s standing in front of you.”—Bob Dylan

Kick it!

Ssshhh…but with the pending move to the Valle Vista are Ryan Jacobson’s Rowland Raiders a team everyone is overlooking?

An email tells me they are, but it’s a tough sell. Changing leagues will help, but to forecast a return to contention and general butt kicking in 2014 might be too much too soon…But hey, I’ve been wrong before…After all I took El Monte over Arroyo in 2001.

Good story on Bleacher Report about former La Mirada quarterback Kevin Dillman, who is now in Texas. My reaction to it, as a father of three, is nothing is worth being separated from your kids…not even football.

Kudos to Sean Penn. On Friday night I sat in section 42, while Penn and Charlize Theron sat in section 44. Over the course of a 12-inning dog of a Diamondback-Dodger game (for which he stayed seven innings)…Penn only yelled at one guy for taking his picture, and the guy deserved it.

“The TEN” is a collaborative effort by the Mid Valley Sports staff…so I don’t know how/why/or the what is behind Paraclete’s Melquise Stovall being left off a list of juniors-to-be running backs returning next fall.

Stovall was on our all Mid-Valley team and we did feature an excellent pic of him to lead the feature. I remember contacting Paraclete and getting his stats. Love Stovall, great player.

But it is tough, for quick reference, when you go to MaxPreps and can’t find stats. I’m guessing that’s what happened on our end. So it was a mistake, not a slight…yet there was a slight.

The slight was to Stovall, but it wasn’t by us. Teams and fan-bases all hype their guys. It’s awesome. Seeing the comments roll in and everyone talking about their guy…but it took a perceived slight for everyone to get all up in arms about Stovall. That’s ridiculous…we should be editing Stovall comments every day. Somebody should be pushing this guy on us like the L.A. Times pushes the WNBA…Stovall is a great player…and he’s got a great name. Talk about him.

Note to Paraclete Faithful: You send me Stovall stuff…I’ll publish it. If there is a change of one degree in his body temperature…I’ll publish it.

So I see the headline: “NFL Champions Make Baffling Trade” and I’m thinking the Seattle Seahawks traded Richard Sherman or dealt Marshawn Lynch…Instead they sent a seventh round pick to the Oakland Raiders for Terrelle Pryor.


Russell Wilson’s back-ups before the deal were Tarvaris Jackson and B.J. Daniels. Pryor is a bust, but he has upside and he’s going to be inexpensive. Good move and if it blows up all they’ve lost is a seventh round pick…and if they need to sign another quarterback I’m sure there’s another McCown brother out on the street.

Imagine if you lived off Vine and Citrus in West Covina and had been on a space craft to Jupiter the last ten years. You come back, put your hands together and say: “I just can’t wait to watch some high school football. Who’s gonna win the San Antonio League this year?”

You’re then told that the San Antonio League no longer exists.

“Alright, what about the Miramonte?”

They tell you yeah, and because you’re a national hero for going to Jupiter they give you tickets to…the Garey-Ganesha showdown.

Wouldn’t you think you landed in some alternate universe? Doesn’t the prep football landscape look and feel like an alternate universe these days?

I don’t think I’d waste a number one draft choice on Jadeveon Clowney, and definitely not the first overall pick. Would you? (Vote in our poll)…Can you say Aundray Bruce?

Last Add Actors & Chavez Ravine: Character actor Noel Gugliemi on the other hand was sitting directly at the bottom of section 44 next to the right field line. Dude must have been interrupted 65 to 75 times and graciously posed for pictures and took time with everyone. For a guy that had a monkey come out of his kiester in “Bruce Almighty” he was all class.

Last Add Alternate Universe: Since you’re just back from Jupiter, we’ll hold off explaining to you the mathematics on why some teams no longer punt.


In regards to Clippers fans: They were on suicide watch before the Golden State game last night.

In regards to Earth Day: I honored it by filling my gas tank with $67.00 worth of fossil fuel.

In regards to Dodgers third baseman Juan Uribe: He has walked twice in the last five games. In the first 15 games this season Uribe didn’t walk once.

In regards to former Burroughs trenchman James Zilbert: He turns 29 today.

In regards to Jadeveon Clowney: “My grandfather said ‘Boy, you’ll never get more money, by doing less work.’”—Warren Sapp

The Dude abides…


2 Samuel 14:14

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