The Peterson Principle: 8/4/14

Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson

Joe Theisman’s injury was bad; Kevin Ware’s was brutal. Tim Krumrie, whose leg snapped in two places in the Super Bowl in 1989, was hard to watch as well. The injury to Indiana’s Paul George in Las Vegas Friday night was the worst I ever saw.

It might be because it’s the most recent, the memory still so fresh in my mind. But it was absolutely horrific. I did watch it twice just to make sure I actually saw what I just saw. When Ware sees it and tweets “Man…” you know it’s bad. My first thought was I need to pray for this guy.

Latest report is that George will miss at least 18 months. What terrible blow not only to George but also to the Indiana Pacers. The image of George landing awkwardly and mangling his leg will be etched in the minds of NBA players for years come. And of course they will be thinking “Is it worth it to play on the USA Olympic team?”

If I’m an NBA owner or GM I say absolutely not.

If you just invested $120 million into your franchise player do you really want to risk the chance of a career ending injury? Let’s go back to the way it used to be. Let the college players compete on the Olympic team.

The more I watch Dan Haren pitch the more I wish the Dodgers would have pursued David Price or Jon Lester. Ned Colletti wouldn’t have had to give up all of the prospects but just one thrown into a package would have netted Price. The deal to the Tigers proved that. Price in a rotation that already includes Clayton Kershaw, Zach Greinke and Hyun-Jin Ryu would have been devastating in the post season.

Nice touch by Hall of Fame inductee Andre Reed Saturday who after delivering an emotionally charged speech, the receiver turned and caught a pass from his Buffalo Bills teammate Jim Kelly. The two then shared a hug on stage. Kelly, also a Hall of Famer, has been battling cancer or the last 14 months. The two connected for a then NFL record, 663 times in Buffalo. It’s moments like these that make the NFL Hall of Fame inductions special.

It was nice mix of past and present in the Class of 2014. There was a guy that has been retired for over 30 years (Claude Humphrey) to guys that just hung them up six years ago (Derrick Brooks and Walter Jones.) Also a punter finally made it to Canton with former Raider Ray Guy being enshrined. NFL kick off is just 31 days away.

There was an interesting note in the LA Times on Sunday (Yeah I read Sondheimer). Did you know that the Times number one ranked football team in 2013, undefeated St. John Bosco, had 20 players that had transferred in at some point in their high school careers? That’s almost two complete teams. Number three Mission Viejo had 16.

There haven’t been 16 players that transferred into the MVL in the last 20 years combined. Transferred out? Maybe.

That’s my principle.

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