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The Peterson Principle: 8/6/2017

By Tim Peterson Overheard at Los Angeles Chargers camp last weekend by a known sports radio personality. “We’re going to do a segment on the four best quarterbacks in LA. You wanna hear them? Here they are. “1. Philip Rivers 2. Sam Darnold 3. Josh Rosen 4. Jared Goff.”

NFL Talk: 7/6/2015

By Tim Peterson Sometimes the injuries suffered off the field are worse than the ones on. Owners and coaches always cringe when they hear one of their players was hurt while playing pick-up basketball, or riding a motorcycle.

The Peterson Principle: 8/4/14

Joe Theisman’s injury was bad; Kevin Ware’s was brutal. Tim Krumrie, whose leg snapped in two places in the Super Bowl in 1989, was hard to watch as well. The injury to Indiana’s Paul George in Las Vegas Friday night was the worst I ever saw.

The Peterson Principle 8/8/11

NFL Hall of Fame weekend didn’t seem the same without the game. The seven inductees were there in Canton, Ohio Saturday along with the presenters – the only thing missing was the fans.

The Peterson Principle 8/10/10

The speeches are almost as emotional as the games. If you had any doubt about the type of impact the game of football has on an individual it was all put to rest Saturday night in Canton, Ohio.