The Peterson Principle: 9/15/14

Yes, the Dodgers are still playing

Yes, the Dodgers are still playing

By Tim Peterson

Man I really wanted to see what would have happened in the Pomona – Mission Prep game last Friday night. If it wasn’t financially possible for the school make the trip to San Luis Obispo then that’s fine. But why schedule the game?

Why did Pomona originally schedule the game and then cancel the week of the contest? What changed in the time that the game was planned and now? Reports are that there was no administration available to make the trip. Shouldn’t have that been decided before the game was placed on the docket? If you don’t want to make the four hour drive, fine. Just don’t schedule the game in the first place. I’m sure Mission Prep could have found another opponent.

I guess we’ll have to wait Friday to see how good the Red Devils are when they hit the road for Colony. I’m just honked because I wanted to see the results. It was potentially a great game.

To all Temple City football fans. I did not pick Temple City to lose to Alhambra this week. I don’t know where that ugly rumor got started. I write “Game Night” for the Southeast Division. Duane Barker writes the segment for the Mid-Valley Division and he picked the Rams. So what gives?

It looks like a three team race in the Olympic with Maranatha, Valley Christian and Village Christian all 3-0. Whittier Christian is having defensive issues and the jury is still out on Heritage. The Heralds are actually 2-1 on the field but had to forfeit two games due to an ineligible player. The concern is that they have allowed 109 points in three games including 51 last Friday night in a loss to Whittier.

When they’re rolling, which is often, can anybody stop Maranatha’s Caleb Devine and Xavius Boone? Azusa sure couldn’t last week.

La Mirada may be the best team right now in the Southeast but that loss to Servite was no surprise. No truth to the rumor that the Matadores get Oregon this week.

So was the loss to Claremont just a fluke? I guess it happens. Salesian gets the Jekyll and Hyde award for sandwiching that loss between big wins over Muir and View Park.

Okay Crescenta Valley you have my attention. And with Burbank banged up and Muir having its problems are the Falcons suddenly the best team in the Pacific?

You know when you cut your finger and pour iodine on it and feel that intense sting. That’s how La Puente is feeling this week after that loss to Walnut.

After seeing La Serna up close and personal this week I’m thinking I should have the Lancers higher than number 4  in the Southeast Division Poll. We’ll see. I would love to see another La Serna-Norwalk matchup right about now.

Why are coaches so concerned about revealing the extent of injuries? Maybe we need to a make it mandatory like in the NFL that injury reports are submitted each week. Just a thought.

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