The TEN:6/2/2017

(“The TEN” is not a top ten but ten items worth being included in “The TEN”)

1.) Former Mid Valley Sports staffer Juan Carlos Salas (AKA: “Wolfman”) turns 31 today.

2.) “It doesn’t make sense that virtually everything was carted away, if the thieves intended to fence the stuff for some quick dough. This sounds more like a very angry insider who intended to hurt the program as much as possible. Either way, this crime is on the moral level of child molestation, that is to say it is beyond deplorable.”—MVS commenter “Something Smells” on athletic equipment stolen at Azusa

3.) St. Louis Cardinals release one time Los Angeles Dodgers closer, Jonathan Broxton.

4.) “The San Gabriel situation is exactly like the scene of a really bad car crash: nobody cared before it happened, and nobody will care when the mess is cleared. Right now, however, we can’t take our eyes off the disaster.”—MVS commenter “Rubberneck”

5.) NBC replaces Al Michaels on Thursday night football-Mike Tirico doing play-by-play…Michaels stays on Sunday night broadcast.

6.) “Golden State in 3.”—Brian Tabatabai

7.) Former Texas/NFL QB Vince Young in camp with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL. First reports are he is struggling.

8.) On this date in 1941, New York Yankees/MLB legend, Lou Gehrig dies of ALS.
9.) On this day in 1942 Ted Williams enlists as a U.S. Navy aviator.
10.) “If I was being paid thirty thousand dollars a year, the very least I could do was hit .400.” Ted Williams

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