Fanview Lite: March 9, 2010

Burbank Trench-Beast Spencer Lee anchors the Bulldog line.

Good Morning!

T-Minus-184 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

What happened to Gonzaga last night…or is that Gagzaga?

“My first year in Colorado has gone pretty well,” said former South Hills quarterback Cameron Deen about playing football at Northern Colorado. “You don’t expect to work this hard and you end up pushing yourself harder than you thought you ever would. It definitely has become more of a business now. But spring looks promising and they have told me I will be competing with a junior for the the starting job.”

Playing in the NCU program with Deen is former Burroughs standout Chris Morris. The wide receiver from the flatlands caught 20 passes in 2009 for a touchdown as the Bears struggled to a 3-8 record.

I’m willing to give Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger the benefit of the doubt once…but twice? If it turns out he’s the one being played again, then maybe somebody should sit him down and force him to have a come to Jesus moment about how he’s living his life.

And true, it is his life…

But he also holds a lot of professional lives in his hands as the quarterback of the Steelers…So Ben, clean up your act…and regain my respect.

“This kid is fearless, he weighs 150 but runs around like he’s 6’2” 220,” said one area coach about San Gabriel linebacker Steven Park (yes, he’s related to former SG standout Joseph Park). “And he’s got the biggest mitts I’ve ever seen.” Expect to see Park get a little more action on offense at receiver this coming season.

With Russell Martin out for the next six weeks with a groin pull, I can’t help but remember the glory months of Jack Fimple…The player Blue State patterned his baseball career after.

Did you see Darren Collison last night? I didn’t…but I saw his number 16-points 20 dishes in a 135-131 New Orleans victory over Golden State….Golden State, yeah I know, its kinda like taking a marble rye from an old lady.

Something to think about. Hector Valencia’s Burbank squad returns a stud quarterback in Adam Colman, a great running back in Ulises Ochoa, a sack master in Zech Crane, a star in linebacker Cody Seidler, and a trench beast named Spencer Lee.

In regards to Colman though other than Ochoa, who caught 21 passes last fall, every other Bulldog with a catch has graduated. Colman did have a great year, but some of the credit needs to go to playmakers like Sam Bethany, Cole Hazlewood, Jackson Diamond, and Anthony Cervantes.

Those dudes will be tough to replace…especially in a tough Pacific.

Wasn’t Brady Quinn supposed to be NFL ready after playing for Charlie Weiss at Notre Dame? Yet after a terrible three years the Cleveland Browns have now invested a draft pick (albeit a late round pick in 2011) to get Seneca Wallace from Seattle.

That’s fine…The Browns can do what they want…so can the Seahawks…They are big teams run by big boys… However, Jimmy Clausen talk continues to haunt me. Clausen is the Notre Dame quarterback in this year’s draft, who also happens to be NFL ready…and who also was under the tutoring eyes of Charlie Weiss…

That’s fine too…as long as the Rams don’t do something foolish…AND DRAFT HIM…

All I want is Suh…

Stay thirsty my friends…


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