The Peterson Principle: 2/25/2021

By Tim Peterson

I’ve been thinking about this all week. The Indianapolis Colts completely robbed the Philadelphia Eagles. The only things missing were a mask and a gun.

To get a starting quarterback like Carson Wentz, who’s still in his prime, for a third round and a second round pick is an absolute steal. Wentz didn’t forget how to play in a year. All he needs is a change of scenery. And even if he never returns to form and is a bust, all the Colts have lost is a couple of draft picks. Funny how the football guy, former Eagle head coach Doug Pederson, wanted Wentz to start, and the non-football guy, owner Jeffrey Lurie, didn’t. Lurie won that war but the Eagles lost the trade.


I’ve been thinking about this all week. What a great deal for the San Diego Padres. By locking up Fernando Tatis Jr. for 14 years they may have saved themselves about $100 million.

As huge a number as $340 million is it’s a bargain for the Padres. If Tatis signs a five year deal he could have signed a second contract for nearly as much this one. He’s only played 143 games but it’s clear that he’s one of the top five players in the league. After a productive five years his market value would have been off the charts. This may sound bizarre given the monster contract but it’s actually not a great deal for the guy getting the dough-Tatis Jr.


I’ve been thinking about this all week. Even if high school football returns with the first games kicking off the weekend of March 12th EMUHSD (El Monte Unified Union High School District) won’t be returning…at least not until August. EMUHSD already made the decision to cancel sports for the 202-’21 school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rosemead head coach Matt Castaneda made an impassioned plea on Twitter for “just one game” writing “Give us 1…just 1 exhibition/bowl…doesn’t matter…1 game for our boys, for our seniors, for their families, friends, school, community, city….just 1. What do you say EMUHSD?”

I’d love to see it. I know the seniors would especially love to see it. Will anything come from it? Stay tuned.


I’ve been thinking about this all week. EMUHSD might not be the only ones not returning. If, and again it’s still an if at this point, high school football returns, we might not be there to cover it. I’m hearing through the football grapevine that only immediate fans will be allowed to attend the games. No fans allowed, rabid, casual or otherwise. And no media. Yes no media. Not even one guy from a local website called Mid Valley Sports with a clipboard, pen and a camera.

Not sure what difference one guy would make or how it would affect COVID-19 but in these days of the pandemic those are the rules.


I’ve been thinking about this all week. We still really don’t know what will happen with the high school football season. As one local coach told me this week when asked if it was confirmed that his team will play. “We are still not positive here at our school. But we are practicing fully as if we are having a season beginning Monday.”

And with all of hoops to jump through and the hurdles to clear, that is the case for a lot of schools. However one thing is for sure. You can etch it in stone. As sure as the sun rises in Southern California, this will happen. Sierra Canyon will be at St. John Bosco in two weeks to open the season. Why? Because they are Sierra Canyon and St. John Bosco. That’s why.

That’s my principle.

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2 Comments to "The Peterson Principle: 2/25/2021"

  1. ER Dons Fan's Gravatar ER Dons Fan
    February 25, 2021 - 9:21 pm | Permalink

    I’m thinking if 25% capacity was allowed and tickets raised to 20 bucks it would allow fans to watch and safely distance at the same time while defraying expenses for the programs. Don’t the fans need a psychological stress release as much as the teenagers? Go ER Dons.

  2. Grim Reaper's Gravatar Grim Reaper
    February 25, 2021 - 5:26 pm | Permalink

    yep and just a few years ago Sierra Canyon was beating up on small schools.
    Just put them in division with Mater Dei and Bosco. Be done with it.

    And any school with the name Bishop in it’s name has to be in that division also, regardless of size.

    Maybe any private school with a lineman over 300Lbs should be required to Hobble the lineman by tying their feet together.

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