Fanview Lite: July 21, 2010

Matt Koffler and Donald Bernard "...just slow dancing, swaying to the music."

T-Minus-49 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Afternoon!

First Add Pat Haden: On November 20th, 1970 Haden threw four touchdown passes, three to J.K. McKay, in Bishop Amat’s 35-20 victory over Arcadia in the first round of the 4A playoffs. The game was played at Citrus College in front of 12,000 people.

In 2010’s athletic economy would Haden even get a sniff at USC?

Still a nice move for Troy as it continues the immense suck up to the NCAA to have its penalties lessened.

I wonder when Tim Floyd will be allowed to return to the collegiate sideline? …Oh yeah, that’s right, this year at UTEP…with full benefits.

Just a refresher…How many USC football players were on the take during the years in question? How many were named by the NCAA? Reggie Bush…who else?

There’s a small, immature, spiteful, side of me (Which believes fully in the concept of “Sweep the leg!”) that ‘wants to believe’ Pete Carroll was also seriously guilty… Guilty of questioning the NCAA about the lack of a playoff… It’s stupid I know…but we are talking about the same NCAA that Jerry Tarkanian said was so mad at Kentucky it put big bad Cleveland State on probation.

Pay Day at The Mid...and we got almonds too!

Next Add Haden: Two weeks after beating Arcadia, Haden led Amat to a 17-13 victory over El Rancho and a birth in the finals.

But I am happy about Haden…and I’m completely over his small hands and lousy performance in the Rams “Mud Bowl” playoff game with the Vikings at the Coliseum in 1977…And I’m totally over the pick he threw against the Vikings in Bloomington in 1976 as the Rams were …in the midst of a fourth quarter rally …in the NFC Championship!

…And the 1978 NFC Championship against Dallas where the Rams lost at home 28-0…I’ve so forgotten that special day…Oh Pat…I’m down.

Thoroughly enjoyed the Kenny Andrew portion of the show last night…I would describe Andrew as….Mmmm…Different…And you didn’t even get a chance to hear the stuff he said off the air.

Saw San Gabriel’s Jude Oliva yesterday during a four-way toss with Rosemead, Alhambra, and Flintridge Prep…

The Mid: Hey Coach O. when are you going to put a down payment on some Mid Valley Karma? (We’ve yet to receive any Matador gear.)

Coach O.: I told you I’d bring in some gear when I was invited back on the show.

The Mid: Coach you are always invited…just do a pop in.

Coach O.: Nah, the pop in is more of a Zeke Prado type thing.

“He’s got a Kevin Harris motor,” said Oliva of his middle linebacker Carlos Purser, only a junior.

Inside source confirmed Coach Oliva is the type, while at the lunch table, to move condiments, silverware, and napkins around in designing plays.

Andrew confirmed Arroyo OC Chris MacMillan is much more high-tech in his play design; He goes with Madden ’97.

“What is that?” Rosemead HC Matt Koffler said pointng Panther DC Marc Paramo’s big panama hat. “It’s ridiculous.” Koffler swears he’s never worn one. “A coach just needs a cap and dark sunglasses alright? You know what I mean?”

Told Paramo and he said. “He’s (Koffler) just mad because he can’t pull it off and look as lean as me.”

“Deleted Expletive!” Koffler responded.

You can see it was an intense couple hours at SG on Tuesday.

Speaking of intense…just when I said the Dodgers-Giants were turning into a yawning festival earlier this week…things heat up at Chavez Ravine last night.

Last Add Haden: Haden hooks up with McKay twice in the finals against Lakewood but the game ends in a 17-17 tie. In a “California Tie Breaker” Amat pulls out an 18-17 victory.

Really Last Add Haden: That same day Haden, McKay, Blair linebacker Forrie Martin, and Bonita running back Allen Carter are all named to the Parade Magazine All-American team.

Really Really Last Add Haden: His final college game, the Rose Bowl (January 1, 1975), also finished in an 18-17 victory…this time over Ohio State…

God Bless Shelton Diggs.

“Football Rush Week” is coming…August 23-27.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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