The Peterson Principle 10/5/10

Chris Chiaromonte had a big game against Cal; and he's a nice guy too

Thursday night games are always nice- it’s kind of like an appetizer before the main course. You know there is a full slate of games waiting for you on Friday and when a good game pops up on Thursday it’s just gravy.

That’s what happened last week. I finally got a chance to see Schurr. Fresh off a last second victory over El Toro, the Spartans paid a visit to Cal High to face the Condors. Aaron Cantu threw four touchdown passes including a strike to Chris Chiaromonte in the corner of the end zone that should be shown on an ESPN highlight reel.

Cantu has been as good as advertised. Did you know that his numbers right now through four games are better than they were at this time a year ago despite losing receivers Carlos Arredondo and Angel Sanchez?

Speaking of Chiaromonte, I knew the kid was tough. He was making plays all over the field against Cal in the 28-23 victory. But he is also one of the nicest, most polite kids I’ve ever met. He addressed me as Mr. Peterson on the field after the game and thanked me for coming out. Actually I should have thanked him. He made it well worth the trip. Abraham Gonzalez was true to his word. He showed up and smacked. Hey Abe, if you’re not busy on Friday nights next year we can find room for you on the Mid Valley Staff. Don’t worry you’ll also get plenty of air time on the show. You’re a natural.      

Whoever called Schurr Assistant Coach Phil Jimenez “Gil” on the show or in print I apologize. We know your name is Phil and we’re sorry for the error. I asked around and nobody seemed to know who made the error. Who goofed? I’ve go to know. How about if we just blame Big Tony.

This week the Spartans death march finally ends with a trip to St. Paul before league play starts next week. I know Jude Oliva, Lou Torres and David Ramos don’t want to hear this but Schurr is still the favorite in the Almont. Hey did I ever mention that Schurr has a lot of players out?

I saw another pretty good quarterback in Whittier Christian’s Stephen Anderson Friday night. He helped the Heralds to their fifth straight win but the real story was running back Grant Escobar. Escobar totaled over 250 yards in rushing and receiving combined in the 21-14 win over Salesian.

Escobar isn’t one to bask in the spot light. When I asked him if I could get a shot after the game he clearly was uncomfortable.

“Um, I don’t know, um, I…” he said. Before he had a chance to decline I snapped the picture. The humble Escobar may not want the headlines but Friday night he was the man.

In the dozen or so years that I’ve been covering football, I never seen as many disgruntled fans over a 3-1 team. If you have been reading our message boards you would think the Wilson Wildcats were 0-4. They lost the opener but have won three straight since including a win over Los Altos in the “Battle of the Wheel.” I’ll have to find out for myself what’s going on this Friday night when I go check out Wilson against Covina.

I guess Diamond Ranch answered a few questions with a 41-0 rout of “rival” Diamond Bar. Best team in the Hacienda?

What’s better? – the performance or the name of Mt. View’s Jossymar Ulloa?

Anybody ready to give Azusa the respect it deserves? Okay we’ll wait until after the Aztecs beat undefeated Sierra Vista this week.

Not sure about everybody else but I was stunned by the way Maranatha took apart La Canada last week.

You know you’re way too into Fantasy Football when you’re actively rooting against some guy name BenJarvus Green-Ellis. It worked though. The LA Express, of which I am the proud owner, won their third consecutive game.

That’s my principle.

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