Fanview Lite: April 1, 2011

Joe Torosian

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The standard battle at quarterback is usually one versus another…seldom is it a three-way fight, but with the transferring in of southpaw Cale Jasper from Arkansas its what the battle under center at San Gabriel has become.

The 6-3 210-pound Jasper, a senior-to-be, owns the combined strengths of last season’s starters Andy Guerrero and Erik Alvarez; Guerrero’s mobility and Alvarez’s passing from the pocket.

“I love his skills,” says SG HC Jude Oliva. “I won’t promise anything, every position has got to be earned, but he is impressive.”

Part of that “impressive” package is Jasper’s arm strength. While nothing has been officially measured “The Suave One”, assistant coach Matt Lopez, says he’s never seen a high school quarterback so effortlessly flick the ball 50-yards.

“The kid doesn’t have a wind up or have to take a step, he tosses the ball like you or I would toss keys across the table,” said Lopez. “He has a good technique, good footwork, it’s going to be interesting.”

Jasper moved to California three months ago with his father, a regional rep for Tyson Chicken, after leading an undermanned Blytheville High School squad to a 4-6 record.

“They were a playoff team in 2009 but there was some trouble and a lot of kids transferred out,” says Oliva. “I’ve seen the tape he really was a one man show.”

While Jasper, confident with teammates, answers most of his questions “Yes Sir and No Sir” he does convey his joy at being in a new situation.

“Honestly, I think I could make the kid the Up-Back on punt and he would be happy,” said Oliva. “I’m not going to, but that’s how happy he is for the change of scenery. His dad said it and I can see football is fun for him again. I’m glad.”

Also happy to have this kind of talent transfer in Coach?

“Well, of course,” said Oliva smiling.


Did you know Rosemead, which scored 30 touchdowns on the ground in 2010, returns only one player who rushed for a score; Andrew Gibson with one.

Last Add Rosemead: Of course Matt Fregoso scored 28 of those touchdowns so it sort of makes sense.

Really Last Add Rosemead: Who is the quarterback?


I think I went to school with a Ramon Hernandez…


If you question the talents, abilities, or character of Cam Newton you must be a racist. At least you’re a racist according to Warren Moon, and according to Warren Moon’s history (besides being the most overrated quarterback ever put into the Hall of Fame) if you question the talents, abilities, or character of Spergeon Wynn/Cleo Lemon/Tavaris Jackson that makes you a racist too.


Former Temple City standout Ryan Tucker will return to the Majors this season with the Texas Rangers.


One year ago today this response came to the Fanview Lite column:

“Heisman is an individual award. I’ll take Jason Campbell everyday and twice on Sundays over Sam Bradford.”

— Bonita Alum



I feel confident about Jonathan Broxton…don’t you?


I didn’t know Professor Snape was pitching for the Giants.


Jamey Carroll…Really?


Wilson wide out J.R. Nelson is visiting the University of Colorado this week…


Someone remind the Mavs Jason Terry that the only thing that can kill Barnes…is Barnes!


Stay thirsty my friends…


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