SGV Shootout News and Notes

Gladstone QB Kevin Amezquita

(El Monte) – Azusa won the Shootout last year and gave Diamond Bar all it could handle again before falling in the championship game. What makes Azusa so good?

Coach Anthony White and his Buena Park Coyotes took home Third Place

24 Teams were trying to do this

“They always catch the ball and don’t make mistakes,” said Arroyo Coach Jim Singiser. “They do the same things over and over but they do them right.”

And this...

Aztec quarterback Jake Martinez matched throws with Maranatha’s Andrew Elfers and Diamond Bar’s Henry Omana in the last two games.

The WC's Main Man Justin Meadors

We knew about Diamond Bar receiver George Katrib but Dante Harris continually burned the Azusa secondary deep. Harris moved to Diamond Bar from Artesia and hasn’t played football since his freshman year. He’s a track guy…obviously.

Ready to Rock in M-Town

San Dimas played really well until the match up with D Bar. Having Shawn Kennedy for a full season will be a blessing for the Saints.

Diamond Bar HC studying the winning charts

Monrovia will be absolutely fine once the helmet and pads go on. I still can’t decide whether George Frazier (G-5) is a better quarterback or linebacker.

Desean Ramirez was not playing for the Wildcats but he has been completely cleared and will be with M-Town on Monday.

Maranatha QB Andrew Elfers getting some offensive advice

It’s still kind of strange seeing Pete Karavedes coaching Maranatha. Karavedes is a defensive guy but having an offensive threat like QB Andrew Elfers makes his life so much easier.

What was that call again?

Junior Brandon Martinez has been throwing the last week or so for El Monte. Other reports have him as moving ahead of last year’s starter Manuel Santa Cruz.

“He’s been playing well for us. He’s a nice option to have. He’s also one of our backers,” said El Monte Coach Joel Sanchez.  

George Frazier getting defensive

“We’re working hard to get back to where we should be,” said Alhambra DC Jacob Ochoa. “We were 4-6 last year and that’s not what Alhambra. We want to get back to 7-3, or 8-2, and back in the playoffs.”

With quarterback Josh Mendoza they should be on their way.

San Dimas QB Shawn Kennedy

Caught up with Nogales HC Sebastian Hernandez. Nice guy…young coach…young team…keep an eye on the Nobles’ senior Keith Bolden Jr.

“He played quarterback for us last year but we want to utilize him a little more this season,” Hernandez said. “We’re moving him over running back and he’ll also play linebacker.”

I said "They're running trips left. I need you guys in a cover 2"

None of the 23 other teams will have to worry about Kamiak but their quarterback has a gun for an arm.

The “Passing League doesn’t mean anything” theory held up to a certain extent. West Covina, last years Southeast CIF Champions, went

Keith Bolden Jr. Stands out for Nogales

0-3 and took an early exit.

However when you look at the success of the Arroyos, Monrovias and Azusas it’s easy to take the opposite opinion.

Buena Park QB J.J. Christy looks like the real deal.

Nice to see 2010 Head Coaches Brian Zavala and Jim Arellanes have landed as assistants at Gladstone and Baldwin Park respectively.

Speaking of Gladstone, they should be back on the Montview radar with Kevin Amezquita at quarterback.

The SGV Shootout has been such a big hit the last few years that I suggested to Singiser that next year it should expand to 32 teams.

“No he said 24 is good. If we had 32 it would go for 2 days and I’m only doing one day, ” Singiser said. So 24 it is. I don’t know…maybe they could open up the gym.

There were no significant injuries to report except for the knee injury I suffered running to the sideline after former Arroyo Center and current Arroyo assistant Kenny Andrew chased me off his field. Some guys just think they own the place.

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